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  1. hi I happen to have a ringbinder that contains a bunch of Volvo CAR service manuals. engine, drivetrain, suspension... dated around 1964, 1965. anyone interested?
  2. hi I found an instruction manual for this instrument, dated 1958. any interest?
  3. hi I have two that you may be interested in. - 1956 Buick Product Service Bulletins; Abridged edition - 1968 Body by Fisher Service Manual Make an offer. I know that I should make a list, and possibly will in the future. Right now, I am playing phone tag with someone from Books4Cars.com and would not mind getting rid of a bunch of them all at once. If that doesn't work out, I guess that I will make a list. But besides the service manuals, I have a lot of the factory training booklets. It would take some time. For now, if anyone is interested, I have group photos of covers. I have 4 or 5 pics at ~ 5MB each. Can this site accept that? thanks
  4. Sorry about that. I'm in Mass and the prices are all negotiable, leaning toward the low side. what are you interested in?
  5. hi I have a bunch of used Buick Chassis Service Manuals. The newest is '78, and the oldest is '52, but not all in between). Also a couple of Opel manuals and two Fisher Body manuals. In addition, I have several factory service training booklets. Finally, I have several Motor, Mitchell, and Chilton manuals from the same era, as well as text books, mostly about auto transmissions, but general auto as well (including Wankel engine). If you have any interest in any of these, I have photos which show covers that might better describe what I have. Some of these do have good value, so please try to let me know as soon as you can. thanks
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