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  1. I recently bought new tires and tubes from Coker tire for my 1928 Chrysler, unfortunately they do not supply the liners that go between the tube and the rim. Does anyone out there know where I may obtain these? Thank you
  2. Am interested in 4 of the nuts that hold the hub to the spoke wheel.
  3. fixed the fuel gauge on my 28' model 52 chrysler.Locked up tight, probably hadnt been out of the tank since new. Be firing it up real soon
  4. Thanks so much...Ill give that a try, and let ya know
  5. ---- what is the firing order for the car and I also need a headlight switch for the car which is crutial for me.. Thank you any help or references is greatly appreciated.
  6. Where does one go to buy new master cylinder, wheel cylinders.brake linings? Im kinda at a loss