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  1. Never saw them so fancy. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Makes sense to me. Thanks for all you do.
  3. On this day 78 years ago, the Ford Motor Company won a battle but lost a war. Here we revisit the the Battle of the Overpass with some rare facts and photos. A pivotal moment in Motor City history. May 26, 1937: The Battle of the Overpass | Mac's Motor City Garage.com
  4. Interesting story behind that photo.
  5. In 1969, Ford built a single prototype for a mid-engine version of the Boss 429 Mustang. Here's the story behind the story of this wild machine. Ford's Secret Mid-Engine Mustang | Mac's Motor City Garage.com
  6. The ignition module is pretty much like a light bulb in that it works or it doesn't. There are exceptions, of course, but when it works, the car runs, When it doesn't, the car won't run at all. Not likely to cause a cold driveability problem, though it's possible. To test the coil pack, you will need an HEI spark tester, available from most any auto parts store or tool truck. It looks like a spark plug with an alligator clip welded to the case and contains a calibrated spark gap. Hook it to all six spark terminals in turn, start the engine, and watch the spark for regularity. Typically, a bad coil pack will drop in and out on one or more cylinders. This holds for both Type 1 (one coil pack for 6 cylinders) and Type 2 (three coil packs for 6 cylinders) setups. Also check the plug wires very carefully. Usually, they fail at the spark plug end inside the boot -- will appear burned and blackened inside. When a plug wire fails, the open secondary circuit usually damages the coil pack in a very short time.
  7. Leo touched a lot of people in the old car world. RIP.
  8. In 1956, Ford was the first in the Motor City to tackle the issue of auto safety with its Lifeguard Design campaign. Here's the real story -- told with the help of a series of short Ford promotional films. Great car lore, check it out. LINK - VIDEO: 1956 Ford Lifeguard Design -- Pioneering in Auto Safety | Mac's Motor City Garage.com
  9. Think you've seen everything in American V8s? Here's one that never saw the light of day: the Kaiser-Frazer 288. Includes lots of rare photos.... A V8 That Never Was: the Kaiser-Frazer 288 | Mac's Motor City Garage.com
  10. Indeed. It has been noted that HF I had an eye for the camera and was quick to strike a pose when he saw one pointed his way. Edsel was more casual about it, it seems.
  11. Quite right -- I added the music myself. Modern audiences will click away almost immediately if the audio track is silent. I try to use music that is appropriate to the subject.
  12. This silent newsreel from December of 1927 presents a huge moment in Ford Motor Company history: Henry and Edsel Ford introduce the all-new 1928 Model A. Here are some priceless glimpses of the cars, the engineering laboratory, and Henry and Edsel in action. This is just me, but I feel that seeing people walking, talking, and interacting helps us to know them a little better. Video: Henry and Edsel Ford Introduce the All-New Model A | Mac's Motor City Garage.com
  13. In a new exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum, the engines are the stars of the show. Hoods are thrown open and we get to see the engines of many of the prized cars in the collection -- a rare treat. (This is a new and improved version of a show first done at the museum in 2010.) Check out these masterpieces. Engines Exposed at the Henry Ford Museum | Mac's Motor City Garage.com ​
  14. Ha! That's exactly the same thing I do. I burn away the hours...
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