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  1. Going to sell my 2002 united Goose neck . 20ft total length with 22 ft floor. Ramp opening 86" wide, 88" high ,2 roof vents, 4 side vents, 2- 12volt lites inside . 110v plug inside- I use for battery maintainer . Tires are about 2 years old with about 3 thousand miles on them, load range D 225/75R15 .The underside frame has been painted with POR 15, no rust . PM for ? - KINGS32
  2. A stud from a old dist cap .? Kings 32
  3. It is a special time for me . My Dad servied in WW2 along with two of his bothers also his sister was a nurse for the men coming back to England from Normandy. I served 1964 in Vietnam , I think of all the young people that GAVE ALL . Kings32
  4. I bought a complete running gear from a 1930 Oakland . Four wire wheels 18 inch front drums with brake assys . Rear end drum to drum. Also have trans drive shaft . A lot of small parts . Owner is making a rat rod . cars was to far gone Parts are in Maryland.
  5. I have a stack I bought when I was doing the wood in my 1930 Oakland . Never had issue with warp or cupping . Finished it two years ago . Did some repair on a 1930 chevy , turn out great owner was very happy . been doing wood work of different kinds for years . yes the Ash are for most part all dead in Maryland and virgina .. Kings32
  6. I have been doing wood work on a 1916 overland , I have a chance to get some ash logs , going to mill them into slabs , don't know what size they will be . Can get more if someone else wants some. I am in Maryland. It may be a few weeks before I get to them. Kings 32
  7. I have a few set of king pins for 33-35 chevy , Bulldog 601787 these are NOS. $45 plus shipping kings32
  8. I had Don make a bird for my 1930 Oakland , nice work but will not fit down on the neck of the radiator . kings32
  9. I had a 1929 65 motel 5 window rumble seat . After the fire we sold it to a guy in belguim . He was going to redo it . wonder what happened to it . king32
  10. We where there on sat . Little chilly in the morning . Found a couple nice things , spare tire lock for my 32 chevy . A vender that deals in MG parts , got some good parts for Angelica ,s 72 MGB plus so good info . Real nice set of plates for the 1916 Overland we are doing in the shop . Got to talk to a couple good friends . Kings32
  11. kings32


    I have a 4 bll manifold off a 66 Plymouth 318 . will check the casting number . Kings32
  12. Chris & I had the pleasure of knowing Mike he was a great guy and always great to tour with him and Patty . Will miss him on tours Howard & Chris
  13. No just one little piece , Carroll County and that cost me every year. kings32
  14. I will be there , Sometimes the weather sucks . Then there is the ag Center two weeks after . Kings32
  15. I am in Maryland . What part of the synchronizer do you need , Do you just need the exhaust or the in take ? Howard
  16. I wish I could be there . A little to far , We have hamburg Pa then two other weekends after that two other Regions swaps . Kings32
  17. I would like to see more to do on sat morning if you are don't a judge ! We all are not in to judgeing . I will do my semniar then Kings32
  18. I will take some pictures when I get it back from the shop. What model overland do you have , The one we are doing is a 75B roadster. You can PM me don't want to take over this thread King32
  19. I also stripped down a 19 30 Oakland engine , sold the block . I have alot of parts from the running gear . Rear axle with hubs for wire wheels , Also have a mostly completel 31 v8 engine . need to sell some of this stuff King32
  20. Is there enough interest , how many do we want if so have him send the pattern and I will check on price . Howard
  21. I am doing a 1916 Overland in the shop now . Been going around for about a year, To redo with the orginal type core was over 8000 , we end up doing other type core hope to have it back this week[ HOPE ] kings32
  22. Do we need to get more buttons made ? Would not be hard to do , the company that did the work for the Founders tour could do them .Kings32
  23. Wayne I for one am glad that I meet you . As a tour person and AACA board member. Chris and I have enjoyed our time with you and Gloria and hope there many more years of touring and friendship Kings32
  24. The 917 generator was used on the 1926 Chrysler 70, Plus other cars . The brush holder was pot metal, { falls apart }, the ones I am doing are billet alum . They take a lot of time to get this done, sorry it took so long. They cost $500 plus shipping. Pictures included kings 32
  25. The eagle for the 1930 31 Oakland , I just got one from Don Sommers .It is a great looking piece . Nice people to deal with. King32