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  1. Hi I do relining brake shoes if they are riveted on .I don,t do bonding. Just did a seat for 1930 Oakland 29 chevy MyPrice is to size of shoe. Howard
  2. I have owned a 1932 chevy for 40 years Restored it my self There is a stantard or deluxe . Both use the body and drive .The differ is chrome hood doors & cowl lites among otherthings . Most were standards because of the cost in 1932. My car was restored 30 years ago when there was little in the way of repro parts I have the org Radio and heaterDaul side mounts Trunk, Dual wipers Th is car is no trailer Queen. It has been on 9 Gliddens plus other tours If I can I will post pic.
  3. If you are looking for a 63 BIRD there is one near you Shrewsbury Pa . My brother got it from me, It is a nice car rebuilt engine new seat covers plus other stuff! Runs great have had it on a few tours. kings32
  4. Hi On the 48 the only brake lite is in the center lite . The wiper moter should be up under the dash . Check your fuse. Make sure are getting power to the motor. Kings32chevy
  5. Desotofrank I have a32 chevy .When i got the car itvery little wood in it. Did it my self . Thatwas 35 years ago Have done other ones since for other people. It isn't as hard as one would think . I am doing a 1930 Oakland 4 dr now for myself. I was not a wood worker before ,I was a professional firefigher. I just enjoy working on the older cars. There are kits out there but I found they most of the time need reworking to fit right and get the doors to fit . kings32
  6. I have been a member for over 40 years. The thing about money always comes up. That is true in any thing we do and not just now . I played with cars when money was hard and a growing family . But with that said, I don't think we should worry about the future of the club as much as we should think about now . I have work on national tours and meets .The clubs should watch the cost & profits made on these we are pricing out the middle income familys . If this keeps going whos going to go on tours and meets. The national does alot about youth but most locals don't they are to BUSY rising money for tresary that way to big for a NONPROFIT club. Help out the young ones that want to belong. I have two grenarations in my family that love the cars but they were loved more then the cars.
  7. When I learn how to put pictures up . This is my third total resto I have done for my self .Have done other cars for others. I restored a 180A Ford last year. Before that a 1964 Coviar. I enjoy doing the work as much as driving them . I think the cars that are put back as close to orginal as that person can I enjoy the most. When car owners.can talk about the work they do them self will all enjoy the hobby more. But isn"t that what our hobby is about ,CARS & PEOPLE .
  8. Yes there are a lot of self restroation going on I find most of them are not talk about some even by members. Iam restoring a 1930 Oakland ground up . The frame is done onwheels Have to finish the engine .Needs putting back together . The body is 90% finished , after replacing some of the wood . Going to do it orginal but no 400 point. Want it to do the Glidden tour . I have done all the work my self . With the help of a few members machine work . The oakland club was a great sourse.