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  1. Just got back from Brattons meet . Had a good turn out this morning , By 12 the buyers were mostly gone  we sold a good amount of stuff . Will be going back in the morning for a couple hours . You model A guys missed out on some great deals  . Howard

  2. I am down sizing my parts left over from my car .No sheet metal ,  Have wire wheels complete rear axle hub to hub .Extra carbs . let me know what you are looking for. I am in Maryland . Howard

  3. B  rattons is having a swap this weekend  25th &26th.Not big but may bring out some new stuff .I will be sat up there Mtairy Md   Howard

  4. I have alot of spare parts left over from my car . no engine blocks but do have some inter parts  . Parts car had spoke wheels  need to move this stuff before gets  scrape . Need to make room for the next project  . Parts are in Maryland. Kings32

  5. I don,t see why people say this should go in a dumpster . I have put worse ones then this back on the road . When things like this is said it hurts the hobby . there are people coming in the hobby that could start with this and learn . Some where not hand this hobby but had to learn along the way . Kings32

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  6. I think we got away from the OP  . If some wants a good honest company to transport there car east of the miss river use Applewood motors . I drove for Bruce for about 9 years. Always one time and never damaged a thing . Some of those were muit million dollar cars . Kings32