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  1. I painted my Olds with 8cans of rustoleum last winter just to keep it sealed, It still looks good and the car has been outside all year.
  2. A friend has a 47? Pontiac for sale. He is going to scrap it this week if there are no offers. It got three doors (one is lost) 8 cyl, some chrome, and no interior. You can call him directly at (978)490-8597. Leave a message, his name is Dan. The car is in Massachusetts and Dan is looking for the best offer over the scrap value. CAR IS SOLD, THANK YOU, Tom
  3. Hey Erndog, just saw the youtube vid. The olds sounds great! I've followed the progress on the forum and thank God my '40 did'nt need as much work! I don't think I could handle the amount of work you and your son have done. Good luck and good cruising! TC
  4. I don't know how much work you want to do, but I've got a 1947 Pontiac. It's been sitting for years. It does run and drive but has no interior. Looking for $1000 or bo. It's located in Tyngsboro, Ma. E-mail me at toms1940olds@gmail.com
  5. Here's a story about break downs. I picked up my 40 Olds from the mechanic/former owner after replacing the fuel pump and adding gas. I got about 2 miles and she stalled. I got her started again after 20 minutes, and continued the 4 miles to my house. She proceeded to stall at every stop sign and red light, and each time took about 10 minutes to start. I finally called a tow truck and drove her up the ramp. The 15 min. ride took 2 hours. My wife understood that the car is old and had not been driven for 16 years. I adventually got the car to the point where I could drive more than a mile witho
  6. congrats to you and mom. you know when he is an old car guy, he'll be cruisin' in a '90 s car.
  7. Thanks for the help. I found a bad line under the dash. tc
  8. when i turn my wipers on, they go on, but stop at full extention. i can hear vacuum but they wont return until i shut them off. any suggestions?
  9. the coil neg does connect to the distributor. the batt pos connects to the starter button connection. i just checked my 40 OLDS to be sure.
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