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  1. There is a kick starter campaign right now for something called an AllForge, which is supposed to be a desktop injection molding system. Perhaps that will be the solution we're seeking.
  2. There is a kick starter campaign right now for something called an AllForge, which is supposed to be a desktop injection molding system. Perhaps that will be the solution we're seeking.
  3. I suppose seeing it in person would make things easier. I'm buying a spool of ABS to play with in the next few days, so I'll keep you all posted.
  4. If anyone has a good drawing of the assembly blown up, I would appreciate seeing that. I've looked locally in bone yards and haven't found a good one. KDirk, for now, perhaps some detailed pics and dimensions would suffice. If I still hit a wall, I may need to see the part in person. I designed a switch block plate for my Rx7 recently, and found that I had room to make the retaining clips fatter and it helped with breaking the tabs. I like the idea of textured paint. So far, my switch blockoff has the wave bonded texture on the front(still looks better than a hole), and I've experi
  5. Hey. It's been a while since I've been on here much. My Reatta is running great, so not much to mention Anyway, I am dabbling in 3d printing now and I would like to help reproduce some rare or breakable parts. I have a basic printer with a 7x7 bed, and I'm alright with 3d design. I recall a nuisance part on the 88 and 89 door pulls that breaks quite often. If anyone has one and would like to supply me with info, I'll take a crack at printing a few. If whoever gives me info is interested, I'll send them the STL files as well. Any other parts you want to see made, let me
  6. I talked with a guy once who had a RWD Sunbird with a blower. The first body style of them was apparently a very versatile little car.
  7. Thanks Ronnie. I have been around the forum for a few years(somewhere between 2 and 4, bought my first Reatta in 2012), and don't recall having seen this info before. I figured I'd share, because the gentleman I got several spare parking lights from is pretty Reatta savvy and told me he wasn't sure those sockets came off. It helped me save a good parking light assembly with no more than some poor condition parts and a half hour invested. Good info on the globes. Good luck finding them though.
  8. If you're like me and have a bunch of spare parts in questionable but usable condition, this might help. My parking light on my passenger side was in good shape but missing the socket for the 890. Looks like it melted. I had several poor condition driver side lights. I applied a bit of pressure along the outside of that socket(pictured) and as it turns out, they just glue on. Hope this helps someone else.
  9. I've heard that noise from heater fans before. If it's really cold, the fan in my jeep makes that noise and doesn't start.
  10. Seems like someone was running the manual trans out of a G6 GT V6. They ended up using some sort of strange axle(G6 inner splines and Buick outer?) I wanna say that was Daniel but I'm not sure.
  11. I'd love to have a vert with a removable hard top. I like alternate styling like that. The notch back aftermarket hatch for the IROC Camaro, the recessed glass aftermarket option for the gen2 Rx7, options like that interest me. I wonder if there are any of the removable hard tops for the Reatta hanging around a GM warehouse somewhere.
  12. I've got a leather wrapped T handle in mine too. I think from an El Dorado but I'm not sure anymore.
  13. I second that. I wouldn't buy anything from a private seller or shoddy website without PayPal. No way am I sending a private individual my CC info, and sending a MO takes forever and a day. I try to send a couple extra bucks to cover fees for sellers I work with a lot, because buyers have done it for me before. I buy and sell Rx7 parts quite a bit lately, and doing so without PayPal, would've been so much more hassle.
  14. This car has come up a few weeks back on the buy sell forums. It's relatively unanimously accepted that something about the ad isn't right. http://forums.aaca.org/topic/267027-select-60-for-sale-maybe/page-1
  15. Mine has 220K, my other one had 175K before I sold it, and the parts car I've been picking clean at the junkyard which was driven in has 190K.
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