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  1. Honestly, those two names might just be the information I'm looking for. I'm not insured with either, but maybe they have a policy for me...
  2. I'm looking to ship my Series II E-type overseas for a ten-day driving holiday in Sweden. Got everything lined up, except one I can't seem to find anyone who will insure my car from the US while driving it in Europe. I've searched online, the back of car magazines, AAA, my mechanics, my own US carrier, etc., and nobody seems to offer coverage. Clements, Chartis, GEICO overseas, luck. Some Brit companies will insure in England only. Others will only insure workers from the US for an extended stay...over six months. Does anyone have any tips or ideas for insuring a an American car in Europe on a driving Denmark and Sweden, is where I'm hoping to go. Really, this is the only thing ruining my attempts at a holiday. When I bought my Jag, I always dreamed of shipping it to Europe and driving it there... Ideas? Thanks! C Chris Headrick 1969 Series II FHC E-type, Signal Red/Black Pasadena, California