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  1. As Tedd said, everyone has a preference. My 56 has 700 miles on a rebuilt engine and I use Delvac 15W-40. Frank
  2. I second the recommendation for Restoration Specialties. Their catalog has images of thousands of clips. I was missing a lot of door panel clips for my 56, and was able to match what I needed to a sketch in their catalog. Perfect. Frank
  3. This reminds me. I was always told that I shouldn't drive my 56 Olds in the winter because old metal is more brittle and stressed and prone to breaking in cold New England weather. Frank
  4. OK Tedd, I have found religion. I'm going to do it. From all your notes, I am going to convert to electric for my Super 88. But I have a question: With the car not running, I can grab the wipers and move them easily. They move in tandem, all the way back and forth. Does this mean I'll have a problem connecting them to the new electric motor? Is there a gear stripped somewhere? Thanks, Frank
  5. Glenn, I have fond memories of just that experience in Mrs. Luca's 53 Chevy, when she took all the neighborhood kids to the movies. Going up a hill, the wipers would barely move, and then on the downhill they would flap like mad. I think I want to see that happen one more time before I follow Tedd's long standing advice to convert my 56 Super 88 to electric.
  6. I agree with Tedd. I have a 56 and have never heard of a factory option electric wiper. I still have the vacuum system, and someday I hope to get it working . Frank
  7. I don't know if this helps or not, but here are a couple of shots of the compressor on my 56 Olds. The model is 6550043. Frank
  8. Just went out and looked at mine. 56 Olds is correct.
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