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  1. The Cylinder sizes for all except Limited series can be replaced with standard sizes of one inch and inch and 1/8. as the later model years of Buicks also used the same sized master cylinders. I am always happy to buy new factory replacement cylinders instead of placing my braking confidence in cylinders that are old and rebuilt. Jim
  2. Series 40,50,60,70 are the same front end parts including King pins 1940 thru 1956. Available many suppliers such as Canter or just use search engine to find. Jim
  3. There is a nut holding the windshield end of the hood center molding and hinge combination. It is located under the cowl and needs to be loosened to allow that end of the hood to be removed. You will see it under the dash panel but you may have to remove the radio to access the nut. The other end of the hood at the front is held in by a clip on the drivers side of the hood and is visible at the front on that side, just remove the bolt and washer. I believe the badge has to be loosened to allow the hood to be removed as it holds the molding where it joins with the lower
  4. Moog did maintain an obsolete parts warehouse in state of Louisiana at one time because they were not forced to pay taxes yearly on the parts stored on the shelves.
  5. I have a 40 41C you may be interested in. Jim Brayton james.brayton2@aol.com
  6. Just remember Buick clutches were designed to make the cars easy for women to operate. Note the car with the engine at a low idle will make it possible to just release the clutch and the Buick will go without depressing the gas until it is engaged. No feathering of the clutch needed as the engine has plenty of torque to let you eliminate any of that tricky clutch work. It will shudder if you try to drive it like a Chevy. So just release the clutch accelerate and enjoy. Jim
  7. I don't know why the manual you have says that they are self lubricating. But I can tell you for a fact that it is not true. Rear wheel bearings on Buicks had to be hand packed with grease and this was done at the time you received a complete brake job approximately 60 to 75 thousand miles. Until 1956 when they removed the inner seal and the 80 weight rear end grease was allowed to do the job without doing it by hand. Jim
  8. Reading this I saw the comment of a new coil. Use any new 12 volt coil as a test replacement to see if this is the problem as it reminds me of the same mystery running problem which occurred with my first 1940 Special and the coil was the culprit. Easy fix as 12 volt coil works perfectly on 6 volt systems. Jim
  9. Hey GUYS, I had to have new panels for my 40 series 41C and Green Mountain boys in Vermont had them years ago! Jim
  10. I know this sounds crazy but I had a 28 standard 2 door and it also had a sticky jumpy clutch and this is what I was advised to do. Put the bumper against a tree and work the clutch in and out a few times and the jumpy grabby clutch will smooth out. It works and these Buicks were noted for being tough, so it will not hurt it. I was shocked that this worked and the car drove smoothly afterward. Jim
  11. Need lower front fender detail that is riveted to inner lower 1940 special fender. This detail is approximately 4in. x 6 inches and is attached to fender to keep you from seeing the frame when looking into the corner of the inner running board and the fender. They have been destroyed by rust on many fenders and I need a pair for both sides or patterns if available. thanks Jim
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