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  1. Guy's Still looking for 1933 Plymouth outside door handles for a restoration. These will have an oval shaped escucheon with holes at 1 and 3/4 inch center The driver front is plain no key and the passenger front is the one with a key. Any help appreciated. Chris
  2. I am also interested in knowing what happened to Al Jr's tooling and parts business. He was very knowledgable and helpful. I bought a lot of parts for my 33 PD Plymouth from him over the years. I see you have a lot of early thirties MOPAR. I am looking for a set of front door handles with escucheons for the 33 PD Plymouth. Any leads would be appreciated. For 33 Plymouth these would have the oval escucheon stamped out of brass and chrome plated. Thanks, Chris
  3. The updraft carburetor was used up until '31, '32 has the first downdraft carb. The truck line used the previous years sheet metal. The sheet metal of a '31 would be from the '30 passenger car line. Another example a '33 pickup would at first look like a '32 passenger car. My bet is that this is a '31 if this is the original engine and not a replacement. Casting date on block may be best way to date this. The truck bodies are not Fisher bodies and may not have an identification plate. Look on firewall above starter. The serial number will have AD for '30 passenger car and half ton AE for '31 passenger car and half ton BB for '32 half ton CB for '33 half ton Hope this helps, Chris
  4. DodgeKCL, So the cap is Chrome, the body and the mounting plate is "fender color". What about the plate that is rivited to the hood that the cap connects to? Is it Chrome or "body color? Thanks for tip on PolyAll200. It may save my broken one. The guy's at NC are good folks I will give them a call to see if they still have some of these. Chris
  5. The escutcheons are the oval shape, they are like the photo shown above.
  6. Hi Knobless, Yes I am interested. Can you or a friend take a photo and post or send via a private e mail? Does it look like the photo Keiser posted but without the key slot? Chris
  7. Thanks Keiser and Plym33, Yes that is the one. Your picture also shows part of the hood hold down bracket. The handle is chrome, is the barrel and both brackets on hood and fender also chrome? Thanks, Chris
  8. Guy's, I posted this on the buy/sell also. Need outside door handles, locking on passenger side and plain on drivers side. I also need to replace my horn button which is cracked. Thanks for any help or leads. Chris
  9. I just looked at my outside door handles and the locking one is for 1932 Plymouth and the driver side is for a 1934 Plymouth. Need to buy locking door handle for passenger side and plain for passenger. I also still need the Horn button as mine is cracked. Any help or leads will be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  10. Looking for a complete or partial set of door hinges for the restoration of my Chevrolet Cabriolet. Coupe is not the same. Any leads or help is appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  11. Plymouth folks, These were with a 1933 Plymouth PD Convertible Coupe I bought in 1981. It was the usual "fix up" using 33 and 34 parts. I drove the car home but also brought home many of it's parts in boxes. These were among them. They have the same primer and blue/black metal flake overspray. Can someone with a coupe or convertible coupe with the upholstery panels removed see if they actually go to these cars?? I think they are too tall to mount vertically, they are bowed, they have attaching screws on one end only. Your help is appreciated. Chris
  12. Mopar Scott, Yes I am still interested. Send me a PM, a photo would be nice. Thanks!! Chris
  13. Thanks, Hope someone has an original horn button laying arround. Chris
  14. Looking for the horn button and battery box for 1933 PD Plymouth. Any help appreciated. NC Industries has stopped making the battery box. Thanks, Chris
  15. Thanks Ply33 Yes I have been to your website and go there often. Thanks for this resource. I am assuming the PCXX would also fit the the PD? I have not done the math but I am wondering if the 4.11:1 really gives you that much of an improvement in RPM. Chris
  16. Gentlemen, My 1933 PD has a rear axle ratio of 4.37 to 1. My friend, who also has a PD, says his engine revs at a pretty high RPM even at 45 to 50 mph. Are there any different ring gear and pinions that would fit these cars with say a 4.11 to 1 or lower that would enable lower revs at higher speeds? I think I read somewhere that 1933 PCXX could be equipped with 4.11 to 1 but I am not certain of the source or if it would even fit the PD differential. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated. Chris
  17. Here are photo's of the 1933 Desoto rumble seat bottom cushion placed into my 1933 PD and a photo of another 1933 PD rumble seat bottom cushion. In comparing the Desoto cushions to the Plymouth cushions they appear to be identical in form and fit. The"upsets", rows and number of coil springs all are the same. So maybe the 1933 Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto and some Chrysler's may be interchangeable? Chris
  18. Attached are some photo's. The hole is from my 1933 Plymouth. The photo with the leather cover is from Mr. Doerfler's beautiful 1933 PD Convertible Coupe. Chris
  19. I will try to post pictures of these 1933 Desoto Cushions placed on the 1933 Plymouth decklid and, later on, the cushion on the rumble seat floor. They look like a perfect fit, see what you think. Hope this is helpful.
  20. Thanks for info Ply33, As I look at the hole, the ring arround the outside has about 10 small holes. I am thinking the leather, or a ring that holds the leather, would be screwed to the floor pan through these small holes? Any idea what size and type these little screws would be? Thanks, Chris
  21. For 1933 Plymouth PD Convertible Coupe. Can someone tell me what kind of cover goes over the large hole in floorpan of rumble seat area? I have seen a bowl shaped cover and also have heard of rings that have canvas stretched over them. Does this hole provide easier access to the 3rd member? Thanks for your help and input, Chris
  22. Given that our Plymouth engines develop max torgue and HP at relatively low RPM's and low compression ratio the use of un leaded fuels should not be a problem. The use of ethanol fuels is another thing and this is due more to the ethanol's effect on diaphragms in fuel pumps or any other elastomer in contact with the fuel. In Texas we have low ethanol, max is 10%. It may be higher than that in other states. Chris
  23. The 34 Plymouth running board is supported by three frame brackets and the 33 PD is supported by only two. My 33 PD was equipped with the 34 running boards during it's life. It now has a set of the ones from Buckeye already mentioned and they are beautiful. I hope this is helpful. Chris
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