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  1. I am not a car guy. Regarding the brakes, I am just relating what the mechanic told me. He said the system was not leaking but that it was failing internally. He definitely used the term brake master cylinder. Regarding the top pulldown, the motorized system is not working at all and when I use the manual wrench through the trunk override, one side locks down but the other will not.
  2. The brake master cylinder of my 1990 TC has failed and the mechanic has told me that they were unable to find a replacement part anywhere. The car is unsafe to drive in its current condition, so I need to find the part. Anyone had similar problems and how did you solve it? Also, the automatic latching system for the convertible/hardtop has failed and I can't even get one side to catch using the mechanical bypass through the trunk. I am not a car buff, just love my TC, but I am beginning to think it might be time to sell or scrap. The car is in great shape, 39K miles and stored inside since I bought it. I even have the large poster of the car that I got from the car dealer (after they stopped selling them) framed and hanging on the wall! Thanks for help.
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