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  1. Jani, Thanks for the response. I can get the dash loose from the pax side but things are more complicated on drivers. Anything you can offer or if you know of someone who can provide info I would certainly appreciate. Thanks, Jim
  2. To all; I am undertaking someone elses restoration on a 49 Buick Roadmaster. I am wanting to replace the wiring harness and need some advice. How can I remove the dash, been trying with no success. Can anyone give me some "directions". A very detailed " how to" with diagram or specifics would be more than appreciated. This is my first attempt at a restoration, why I do not know. My hat is off to you guys who do these! Looking for help. Jim
  3. Help, I've been trying to remove the dash so I can begin to replace the wiring harness, having much difficulty. I thought I had most bolts removed, are things welded. Windshield is still in place, should it be removed? Any very specific help would be appreciated, especially photos or diagrams. Another question is do I need to remove and replace harness? Insulation good under dash; frayed in engine compartment. Can I tape or correct the fraying. Help, Jim P.S. Is there a market for a partially restored ,49 Roadmaster Dynaflow?
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