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  1. thats like a white block that is moon shaped to fit around colum right?
  2. justtried it. it didnt light upand ow i only have 4.62v on the + of coil and millivolts on the -... does that mean i fried coil? also since i only had 4v i jumped a wire rom battary straight to + of coil to assure 12v was there and nothing.
  3. no the points plate has a stud and the wire coming from the - coil and connects to the post on the points and than a second wire goes from the post to the condensor and they look in really good condition and your sayin clip the aligator clip on the test light to the + and the pointed tip to the - and the light should blink while cranking? is that right?
  4. hmmm okay how do i test the points were do i physically test?
  5. yes points open and close just no spark between em
  6. i did check to see if the distributor was turning. distributor does turn normal. i did do the screwdriver test correcty i re did the test just bit ago to make sure as u said, yes the coild has 12v with KOEO and it drops to about 10.5v while cranking. car has NEW points NEW coil NEW cap NEW rotor NEW wiress NEW plugs so it cant be.any of those parts being bad. the points appear to be grounded but idk the only part i havent checked or replaced is the ballast resistor. everything else is new. i get the keeping it basic thing like u stated but ive checked and double checked and replaced the basic stuff like i said at this point i have power to the coil and power on - side of coil and no spark. thank you for everyones help so far i will check and make sure points are grounded and than i guess the ballast resistior otherweise i am still at a loss
  7. i dont know if thats true or not but i figured i try it
  8. pkay ill get a condensor for it aswell. and not that i noticed it never stalled alwys ran strong . the old points werent terrible just a llil burnt but i figured its cheap and easy to rule them out so i got new points and i gapped them to the standard matchbox width and than with feeler gauge to .035. i was told spec was .020-.040 so i went in the middle..yes the car cranks good and strong everytime, she doesent even try to fire. i havent been able to find the fusable link.. i been lookin for the noticable "bulge" in the wire but no luck.
  9. yes car cranks good and strong. nope tested all 7 wires resistances test good. cap and rotor are brand new. someone on another forum suggested tracing the yellow wire on the + side of coil back. they said if that has an open it wont have spark..
  10. i have not replaced condensor.... would that cause no spark? i thought the condensor just helped collapse the magnetic feild created by coil when the points are open. new cap and rotor and i did test plug wires there all about 5ohms.. i will throw in a condensor and c what that does. thank you for your help
  11. thank you ill look into that ballast resistor and the ignition switch. do you know why they would just go out? is theresoething that wld cause them to go out or maybe it was just time for a new one? again thank you ill get those diagrams and do some more testing
  12. tried putting a plug wire in place of coil wire just to c if it was the wire and still no spark
  13. tried swapping coil wire still no spark
  14. good idea. but wldnt i still get a lil spark if coil wire was bad? i mean ill try it for sure. other than that what cld it be
  15. hello everyone im fairly new to this site and am not sure if this is the correct area for this type of post but i have an issue... i have a 1972 chevrolet nova. its a 4 door.. 250 inline 6. the issue im having is i was driving it. ran fine all day. pulled into gas station filled up with gas and when i went to re-start it and nothing.... it just cranked. after pushing it to a parking spot i checkedfor spark first as i new i had fuel i could see it being pumped into carb, checked spark nothin. i have 12 volts to the + on coil and 12volts on the - of the coil. and bo spark from the coil to distributor. what i than did was replaced the coil, and nothin so thinkin maybe o'riley gave me a bad coil i got another one and still nothin, i popped the distributor cap and put screwdriver between points and no sparking happened so i bought a new set of points and still nothing i have checked for a fuse or fusable link for the ignition system and i only found one bus style fuse replaced it and still nothing im at a loss does anone have any ideas? i ran a hot wire directly from battary to coil just incase and still nothing. anyone have any ideas suggestions anything? this is my daily driver and is startin to really **** me off. i appreciate any help i get thank u in advance
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