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  1. Im in so calif, I been doing lots of reading to try to gather info on this old model a trucks. My only interest on that truck for sale was because it was stated it was original untouch but since its not I rather continue searching and find something I can work on rather than something that has been restored. Thanks for the reference I will check it out. Santi
  2. Thanks for all the useful information, I will be passing on this as the guy won't budge. I think I better start with a nice solid project and go from there. I will look up what pops here for sale and keep my eye on Craigslist nationwide. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I asked if he was talking offers and said not at this moment and that was it. Well still lots of them out there to find.
  4. Thanks again for your input, I should do more learning before I jump into a buy. Im a collector of prewar bicycles and started at zero knowledge, so it should be fun to start that journey again. Glad to be here, I been reading some old threads and they're full of good knowledge. Thanks
  5. Thanks that's what I was looking for, the person selling it told me that it was original paint, interior and all. Good thing I came here before pulling the trigger. Thank you very much
  6. Hi I'm new to the forum, I been looking to buy a ford model a pickup and don't know anyone locally that has knowledge on this trucks. The truck that I'm looking at is locally and I please need help from you guys. Here's the truck 1931 Ford Model A Pick-up, short bed CALI ORIGINAL My questions. Does this truck look unmolested and original? How can I tell if it is or if it's an old restoration.? How can I check if it has the original drivetrain.? Whats a fair price? So I can know what to offer. What should I look for when i go look at it? Is this a 1931? Are the chrome/ss/nickel(don't know what
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