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  1. Howdy I am hopeful that we can make it. Couldn't make the Houma meet last year because of a very ill kiddo. Hope I can catch up with he story telling.
  2. OCM Like the tools. Looked under my '32 seat not long ago with great hopes of finding some original tools. Wasn't happy when I found none. Went to MD to pick up my 32 trunk and it was gone. Have 3 nice old trunks but not the metal one like you have. Do you still have an extra one you would be willing to part with? Our car is green and black and we could really use the trunk on tours. What ever you have (info or a spare) is greatly appreciated. Shoe
  3. Hey Guys i see a lot of places that sell Chevy truck parts, but don't have a lot of GMC parts. I need a paint grade rear bumper and a dash gauge Bezel. Also need a few other interior parts and some emblems. I assume that the rear bumper for a 56-59 chevy stepside will work. Am I correct? Who do you guys recommend using or who seems to have the most parts. I know who to contact for 1930's Buick and Plymouth parts but not GMC truck parts. All help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have a 1956 GMC pickup. I am thinking about adding disc brakes to it by using a conversion kit. I want it to be safer in traffic and make sure it will stop better and more like todays vehicles when my wife drives it. Should I dothe conversion on the front and back? I have seen some articles which say just front. All advice and recommendations on products Iis welcome. Thanks
  5. R W Good photos of a good meet. You got a good photo of our '39 Plymouth in HPOF. Got our Original Repeat. There were were a lot of nice cars at the meet. Especially loved the '62 Olds Starfire. Had a black one 20+ years ago and always kick myself for getting rid of it. Thanks for the photos.
  6. Marty We will be up mid day on Friday. Stopping in Kansas to see some good friends and spend the night then we can have a fresh day on friday. Otherwise our two little one would be a terror Friday and Saturday. Look forward to seeing everyone and your cars.
  7. Terry That sounds great. I am looking forward to it. See you and your Buick soon.
  8. Jake Thanks for the Haymarket info. My wife (especially) thanks you for providing us with somewhere to go window shopping and some good places to eat. I will take lots of photos and will be doing an article for our club publication. I will be sure to upload quite a few here as well. Too bad we will miss each other. Maybe the next one. Terry. I am looking forward to seeing your Buick! We will hang out in the HPOF section for a while. Wish I was bringing our '32-67. Would be nice to park them next to each other. Two years ago I was parked next to Marty Roth and his wife at the Canyon Texas Meet. I thought his '37 Phaeton had low mileage (11,000+). I am anxious to see yours. Should be a hit with the judges. We are taking our '39 Plymouth which got its HPOF certification at Hershey in 1997 which (I believe) was the first year for HPOF. In 2012 it got its HPOF - Original certification which also was the first year that was offered. I am hopeful there will be a good turnout for the meet. Wish me luck on our trip. I have a feeling that I will hear "are we there yet" a lot. (more from my wife than the kids.)
  9. Howdy We are heading to the Central Spring Meet in Lincoln, NE this coming week. Will anyone else be joining us. We will not be bringing our 32-67 this time. We are bringing our '38 Plymouth. Going for the repeat HPOF -Original badge. Should be fun. We are bringing our 8 year old and our 5 year with us. 11 hours of fun in the car!! The Plymouth is my 8 yr. olds car so he is excited. My 5 year old is bummed he cant bring his Buick. (Maybe next time). I am hopeful that I might see some of the cars in everyone's Avatars in person. We shouldn't be too hard to spot.....We will be the stressed out parents with 2 young boys running around. Don't worry, they know the rules about hands behind the back and no touching. I will make sure to leave their lacrosse sticks at home.
  10. Jay I will look at my '32 tomorrow to see if I can help. Its a 32-67 but I assume that there not too many differences from the 67 to the 86. I will see if I can send some photos to you. We are leaving for Lincoln NE on Wednesday so it might be after we get back. I will try to get it to you before we leave, but ........well you know. Anyone else headed to the Lincoln meet? Later,
  11. I am definately interested. I have not taken my dash glass off before. Can i take it off without pulling the guages and such?
  12. Howdy So I pulled the front seat of my '32 Buick off over the weekend hoping to find a jack or a tool kit which had been hidden for posterity. I did find a lot of dust and two jack parts (the ones used to raise the jack) but no jack or tools. I have a toolkit for our '39 Plymouth and am looking for a jack and toolkit for the '32. Anyone have a spare they are willing to part with? If not can someone send me a photo or list of the tools which came in the toolkit. Could also use a vintage jack as well. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Looking for the dash panel glass for my '39 P8. Doesnt have to be perfectly new. The paint on our P8 has been peeling for years and I want one that looks original and unrestored but is in better shape than mine. How difficult is itto switch out the glass covering the panel and guages?
  14. Maybe I missed it in the above posts, but did anyone find out how many 28 49's were produced in Canada? I know that it was mentioned that 2 were made but if I read everything correctly that was for US production. Just curious.
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