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  1. Barney, He told me that the new shipment is coming in around the middle of April. Order now to get on the list. I will try to remember to give you a call this week to try to get our Buicks together. Took it out for a long Easter drive earlier today before it started to sprinkle. Have had a few crazy weeks but hope to get together soon. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I wrote a post earlier today about my ideas on how to set up our 1932 67 with turn signals and how to wire them......... I had been looking on line for a wireless set of turn signals but kept coming up with bike and motorcycle signals. Well, I found a website and spoke with the owner, John Peterson, today and have ordered a set of his wireless signals. His company is called Smart Signals. His web site address is Antique, Classic Car and Truck Wireless, Removable, LED Turn Signals and Hazard Lights | Antique Car & Truck Removable, LED, turn signal, and hazard lights. His p
  3. I have a 1939 P-8 sedan like yours that just got the an HPOF Original award at the Canyon Texas meet. I would be happy to send photos of any parts of the car if it will help. It's a very clean car with low mileage and could be a good starting point for you.
  4. John Thanks for the reply. I am a new member of the BCA but have tried over the last few months to get in touch with Mac. I finally gave up and it wasn't until our recent Fathers Day Show put on by the local AACA club I belong to that I heard his name mentioned again as the man to talk to. I met the owner of A '33 Buick 57 at that show who knows Mac and was surprised at the lack of a response like you. I would be grateful for any contact info you can provide. I got his # & email address online. It is possible that the # is not up to date because it only requests that I leave a me
  5. Hi all. My name is John. Most people me Shoe. Got a 1932 Buick 67 thats been in the family for 33 years. Also own a 1939 Ply mouth P-8 which has been in the family for longer. Enjoy the cars and teaching my young kiddos to do the sane. They will be future BCA, POC, &AACA members. I enjoy the forum and insight. Shoe 1932 Buick 67 sedan 1939 Plymouth P-8
  6. Can you send a picture. I Have a '39 P-8. Shoe1932 Buick 671939 Plymouth P-8
  7. I've been trying to get in touch with Mac Blair to register our 1932 Buick 67 with him. Have tried his phone # and email and have had no response. Ive been told he is the man when it comes to 1932 Buicks. Does anyone have some additional contact info for him? Or is there another person in the 1932 Buick Registry who I should visit with. Thanks for your help. Shoe 1932 Buick 67 1939 Plymouth P-8
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