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  1. They made a single one, and also a few wagons but none for production. GTO was no longer its own model in '72 and was just an option package available only on the Le Mans coupes. Per wikipedia: "Although Pontiac did not offer a production GTO convertible in 1972, a buyer could order a Le Mans Sport convertible with either of the three GTO engines and other sporty/performance options to create a GTO in all but name. Even the GTO's Endura bumper was offered as an option on Le Mans/Sport models, with "PONTIAC" spelled out on the driver's side grille rather than "GTO."
  2. '49 business coupe Rebuilt original straight eight, Hydra-Matic, and rear end.
  3. I'd have to agree with you with the exception of using heat sink grease, not dielectric grease. I'm sure that's what you meant anyway. In my case, I've done the 12V conversion and run an alternator with stable voltage. Anyone else considering that, an early 1970's Alfa Romeo coil and condensor works well with no other parts needed since they were 12V with built in coil ballast. Now I'm using the epoxy filled Flamethrower 3 ohm coil from Pertronix and the Alfa condensor with the points.
  4. I may be siding with your friends soon. Can you ask some of them what issues they had? I don't think the problem is the Pertronix as I've never heard anyone say anything bad about them having been on the Team Camaro boards for quite a while.....many guys have 20 year old ones. I think my distributor may just be too worn and the points deal with it better. Before I got the Pertronix gapped right, it would skip and burp and pushing on the distributor towards the engine would make it smooth out. Got the module gapped down to the reluctor ring as much as possible by filing the bracket out and
  5. If your distributor is a 111022x model I belived the Pertronix Ignitor modules are: 2161N6, 6V negative ground 2161, 12V negative ground 2161P1, 6V positive ground I upgraded my '49 eight with one. It takes all of about fifteen minutes. Remove points and condensor, install magnet ring on dizzy point cam, install module mounting plate, install module, connect two wires to coil. If you go that route beware that I found on my '49 eight that the bracket holes for the module needed to be filed out to allow for adjustment. Gap between module and magnet ring needs to be 0.030".
  6. The only issue I had with a Pertronix upgrade in my '49 is that there are no instructions for module gap to magnet ring which I found needs to be 0.030" max. The bolt-in non-adjustble plate they provide left the gap at nearly twice that. Filed out the module bracket holes so it could be positioned closer and it cured my poor running. Also you have to be careful to get the correct module as they make both a 6V and 12V version for the oldies.
  7. Inline Tube has your lines. They also do straps for just about anything, just call. Inline tube - Online Catalog - Pontiac Big Car If you find you need a tank, Tanks Inc has them along with sending units and straps. I did tank, straps, sending unit, and cap (smoothie) for my '49 business couple for $350 shipped. The straps had to be cut where they go through the hangers and I had to reuse my j-bolts as the ones they inluded were too short. Other than that, it was relatively painless. http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=130/category_id=133/home_id=59/mode=prod/pr
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