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  1. Owner of 1990 coupe. Not as technical as the rest of the forum gurus here. But I live in Texas currently and had these same issues. Would start great in the morning but would not again till night time when it was cooler outside. Not the best conditions here. So after reading the forum and the Reatta repair website which I love and has been very helpful. Came to the conclusion it was my ICM. I could see some green "slime" coming out around the edges and leaking onto the ground plate. This prevented a "hot" start. As the day warms up so does the "slime". Thanks to Rockauto for a great deal on a new ICM and coil pack for just over 100 bucks. A no brainier and I bought some sensors too. Why not, she did turn 25 this year. Such as crank, cam, and oil/fuel sensors that I will implement over the next week or so. Today a picture says a 1000 words. Took out old ICM after a bit maneuvering around a battery ground wire to get to the last 3rd bolt. I opened or separated the ICM from the coil and Look Just liquid inside. Wow. Found the problem!! Cleaned the ground plate really well with some choke cleaner and a wire brush. Replaced with new coils and ICM. Boom. She runs great!! I did find a great YouTube video called GM type 1 ignition troubleshooting. Diagnosis and repair by wells. They had some great tips for newbie like me. Easy job for me to do and was happy to make my her purrrr again. Hope this helps someone.
  2. I live in Lewisville and I see a white one around a few times. Would be great to have a conversation in person about them. I drive a red 1990 and love my car. I take great pride and do my best to take good care in her. I work in the best breakfast place in Grapevine! Come see me,its called Old West Cafe.
  3. I love my 90 coupe red. Its insignificant to me if the value of my car goes up or down. She is one the sharpest cars on the road to this day in my opinion. I have waited a long time to own a Reatta. I will proudly spend money on the quirks of owning this sleek car. For some reason they seem to have been forgotten about. When I tell random strangers (I am a waiter) about my "new" car, they always ask to see pictures or go actually look at it. Because they are only slightly familiar with the vehicle and shocked in its great condition. She is my dream car and now its my turn to own one. Also proud to be a new member here. Info has been very helpful. Thanks everyone!
  4. Could this be an easy DIY? Or should I get some quotes from local upholstery shops near me? Also what do you think would be a fair price? I did call one and they said $200-285. Seems high but unsure. Thanks
  5. Yes I saw that The Reatta Store has a condenser for less than $16 bucks but it says it does Not fit 1990 model. So I had to make my purchase elsewhere. But thanks for the info and I am sure I will do business with the reatta store in the future.
  6. I bought one! My Dad had one in the mid 90's and I loved it it. So now it is my turn to own one. It is a 1990 red hard top with no sunroof, or cd player nor does it have the 16 point seat. It does have 82k miles and runs great. Of course it has been sitting for awhile, so I am putting some love into it. Today I got the a/c conversion kit done and it seems the condenser has a hole and needs to be replaced plus the fan for the condenser was also loose and became damaged over time. The fan only had three blades. So, I have purchased these items off the internet and waiting to have them installed. The headlights do not pop up. But after some research it seems I need new crank assembly which will be next on the list to be done. For being over twenty years old this car is fun to drive. I love this car and so happy to be a Reatta owner!