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  1. Cannot send photos.Try to send them on here (reply to thread) and just keep getting upload error.Loaded them fine on my email reply but cannot contact you through that as the email address is donotreply.Guess I'm stumped.
  2. I have checked every web site I can find for casting numbers.They seem to run between mid 60's and 70's.All begin with 1 as 138 or 124.They show nothing starting with 255.
  3. I picked up a 1955 Bel Air At auction.It seems to have a Buick motor which I am having great difficulty identifying.The only numbers I can find are first on the block where the bell housing bolts on.It is a 2 and below that is 57.That is on the flat between the two top bolts.On the intake rear right rise is G 25502095-1 under this is cast a circle with a diagonal line pointing toward the left front,then a 17 Then a solid round rise about 1/2 " across then D-Y.Distributor is on front angled toward left.Firing order is 18436572.No. 1 cylinder is left front.Dipstick is left center. Any help is greatly appreciated. whiskeyjack1948@hotmail.com
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