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  1. post-86212-143142588659_thumb.jpgJust acquired this Graham Brothers Stake Bed truck. Haven't had time to check it out for numbers etc, but it looks like most metal parts are there. 6 cyl. motor seems pretty much complete. I'm trying to figure out the year. Notice the headlights are mounted right to the fender rather than a bar like most of the photos I've seen. Also 2 separate rear windows.
  2. Thanks Larry. The car does have an aftermarket Sony stereo, but there is also a signal of some sort when I turn the car off. I have no idea what it is but when I turn the key off and remove it the car makes a beep, beep three times.I don't know if this is something that's been added or a normal procedure for a Monte. There is no alarm system that I know of. This is the problem with buying at a classic car auction, The previous owner was not there for info.

  3. Hey folks. I'm stumped on this one. I just picked up a 1985 Monte Carlo SS and found there is a power draw which kills the battery in a day. I thought it was a bad battery at first so I replaced it. When I was connecting the new one there was a sizable spark when I connected the second cable. I first checked all the fuses by removing them and no change. I then disconnected the positive cable at the starter. No change same power draw. Only one wire left running to the alternator. Disconnect that no more power loss of course because the battery is now not connected. I replaced the alternator with a new one, connected only the battery lead to it and my power draw was back, same as ever. ( there are three wires on this alternator. Battery to large terminal, jumper from large terminal to # 2 and small wire from # 1 to ???) The 1 and 2 terminals were not connected at the time. Connecting them made no difference. If anyone has any ideas I'd sure be glad to hear them.:confused::confused:

  4. Hi guys.I went into NAPA today to pick up a litre of tranny fluid for my 57 skyliner with a ford-0-matic tranny.My 1957 ford shop manual calls for type "A" tranny fluid,but all NAPA's info says it should be type "F".I to thought it was type "F" until I checked the manual.If someone out there has another manual or an original maybe you could check and let me know if mine is a misprint, or if not what exactly is type "A" fluid.

  5. Concerning the stripped hole,if you hold the bolt on something hard (vice, anvil, etc) and tap it lightly with a small hammer to flatten the thread a bit it might save you getting a new part.This tends to fatten the threads so they grab as long as it isn't removed and replaced frequently.Some thread lock before putting it back together should hold it.

  6. Hey folks.I'm new here,first timer.I have a 60 Bird Golde Top.From what I have found out it's one of 6 made as it also has a kilometer speedometer.It was made in Deerborn and exported to Germany.There is a German insignia on the grill and the info plate under the hood is in German.Pretty interesting.It was born Raven Black but had been changed to Red before I got it.Nice cruiser.

  7. I picked up a 1955 Bel Air At auction.It seems to have a Buick motor which I am having great difficulty identifying.The only numbers I can find are first on the block where the bell housing bolts on.It is a 2 and below that is 57.That is on the flat between the two top bolts.On the intake rear right rise is G 25502095-1 under this is cast a circle with a diagonal line pointing toward the left front,then a 17 Then a solid round rise about 1/2 " across then D-Y.Distributor is on front angled toward left.Firing order is 18436572.No. 1 cylinder is left front.Dipstick is left center. Any help is greatly appreciated. whiskeyjack1948@hotmail.com

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