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  1. I spoke with CARS yesterday and what they sell as "Buick Silver" in a spray can, #EP614s, is just Plastikote #207 Aluminum Engine Enamel. CARS also mentioned that the paint they sell by the quart #EP 614 is a better match and is specifically mixed for this application. The cans are not exact but "close enough for most folks." That's fine with me, so i'm going to pick up a can of 207 as well as the similar product from Duplicolor and Rustoleum. I use Plastikote on my Mopar engines and find it far superior to Duplicolor, but will give it a shot. I'll also get a can or 2 from Aervoe as Ed sugge
  2. What did you end up using? Were you happy with the results?
  3. What silver paint did you use on that engine?
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