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  1. From the research that I have done most of the parts like this from the 20s to 40s didn't have anything stamped or marked on them. Often times companies like Lyon's actually manufactured these parts and then manufacturers modified to meet their specific models. So the short answer is that I do not have numbers on any of the parts that I have seen. I am going to take a light metal brush to them this weekend and will be able to see for sure. I am going to make sure the metal is solid and also to see if there is any manufacturers mark that I have yet been able to see.
  2. Thanks for all the pointers everyone. I started with your recommendations and took a look at a lot of online photos starting with this information. I have not found an exact match based on the pictures, but I have found a lot of close matches. It appears that these came from a 34 - 38 probably Ford. Based on the pictures, it looks like it most likely came off from a truck by the way that the bands are split and it has the cover for a hold. If anyone knows anything different for sure let me know, but that is about what I have found for now. I am also going to be listing these for sale as I don'
  3. I thought about that too, but really the guy was just selling a bulk of parts he pulled out of some old yard vehicles. I think these just got thrown in as the rest of the parts were a lot of 53 chevy, 60s chevys. Basically just has some other parts that I needed. I just thought since these seemed like a really odd size that someone might have a clue as to what they were or the years this style was popular.
  4. The piece that looks like it would be an outside cover measures 29 inches in diameter. The metal is about 5 inches wide, making the open hole in the middle about 19 inches. The piece that look like they would have been pull together around this cover are really hard to bend together and be accurate, but it looks like they probably would have a 29 inch diameter as well because I am guessing that they went around this cover. They are also about 5 inches wide.
  5. Any idea on the makes or years that this style was used? I am pretty big into the 40s 50s and early 60s and these were new to me. Thanks
  6. oops... looks like they didn't upload right the first time. That might help this out a little.
  7. These came with some parts I had bought. The majority of parts were from 40s and 50s vehicles. However I don't know when they are from. A couple of guys I build with thought they were old spare tire covers. Any one know for sure or what they are worth?
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