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  1. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/pts/d/gasport-1999-buick-riviera-silver-arrow/7006326353.html D Silver arrow. Rebuilt engine and tranny 30k miles ago. 1300!
  2. Just got home from KY last night as we're still on strike and they let me come home to see family which is awesome as they can't come down til end of year. Price reduced to 7k and will be here a week or so if anyone needs any pictures or such. Thanks Derek
  3. Very confident that its not an lx block. Pretty sure its a LW or whatever the 425 was in 66. Not sure what I'll be able to see on the tranny due to limited clearance Where it's parked. I know the guy that bought it off my Dad had it checked out by the 2 big buick guys in WNY and they verified the rest being correct for a 65GS He's on his way over to drop off the rest of the stuff for it. I will pick his brain a little more for anymore info of there is any.
  4. And I'm pretty sure this is another of the scumbag painters screwups......... Car was def a red black GS from day one. The "parts car" he made my Dad buy was a white 65. No doubt in my mind he lost the trim tag too and put the one from the white car on there.!!!!! Guess we should be happy he at least saved or didn't lose the VIN tags..... I will say one thing, if I wasnt a Christian.......... I'll let you guys take it from there. Now I'm all angry again and going to pursue that judgement against him . D
  5. Definitely don't need the money just more of an annoyance now. After realizing what every one said about not buying it back since he hated it, it's time to move on. Not going to spend 50-75k redoing a car that my Dad kindof hated at the end. Doesnt really make sense. No reputable classic car dealer is going to consign a car like this. If it does come to the point where I still have it when we list our house up here in March, I will bring to KY and part it. I should be able to get a decent amount for a rebuilt 425 dual quad engine with original carbs,manifold, finned valve
  6. Some headaches.... Took 11 yrs to finish Lost dash pad. Dad had to buy new one. Got wrong paint first time. Made my Dad rebuy Ran outta restoration materials with no money to rebuy. Made my Dad rebuy. He Had house foreclosed on during resto, had to have car towed to new house. Lost numerous washers, nuts, bolts, clips, needed money to buy new ones Etc etc etc etc The nightmare was dealing with a lazy trash bag for 11 yrs and my Dad was so disgusted by the process when the car came home he sold it for probably 20% of what he had into it.
  7. Western NY. Getting close to starting to part out which would be a shame...... Floors, trunk, fenders, doors, and trunk are ROCK solid. Bumpers are perfect upon quick inspection. All Seats are perfect. Dash is nice. Engine and tranny both rebuilt with receipts. Correct GS tranny, suspension, carbs, intake ,and chrome breather. Rear end/suspension. Etc etc, etc...... D
  8. "FRONT CARB is 3645 SB and REAR CARB is 3925 SA." after reading that from the carburetor thread and seeing where numbers were located, i went out and checked. The car has the correct 2 carbs on it. D
  9. Lol while a PM may have been better, I don't disagree with you. The biggest nightmare was that it took 11 years to redo it but it is what it is. The car is still pretty rock solid and has some good parts and is a true GS even tho I guess there is no "proof".... Leaving for the corvette plant to start the next chapter in my life at 9am tomorrow and car will be left behind. Not selling the house til next spring so I guess I have a little time to figure things out. Would like it to go to a good home to be completed but I guess we'll see what the future holds. D
  10. ROA facebook might work but a little late now I guess. Trying to get out of going to KY if we ate still on strike. We'llsee tomorrow what happens but as of now(thurs night) I'm leaving at 10am on Sat. D
  11. Price reduced to 8k.......šŸ˜• Leaving for KY sat morning. Would like to sell before I go.
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