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  1. Too bad someone couldn't have bought from the original family, rather than a flipper!!!!
  2. I actually know a guy that makes silver bars, figures, and odd things out of .999 silver. I'm going to contact him and see if I send him a pair of badges if he could make a mold and pour them. D
  3. Im not concerned at all about the miles as much as I am the subframe and overall shape. If a want to check it out it would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Derek
  4. I talked to this guy a few months ago about the car. Seemed a little odd but said the car was nice. Curious why it's been for sale for so long.I was actually going to buy it for the emblems and use as a driver as it's making me nuts that both of my emblems are gone now!!!!!! If anyone Is near the car I would be willing to throw us a couple of bux for your time to take a peek. Derek
  5. When I widened the driveway I had to move the SA into the back garage. Later in the day I walked by it and noticed the badge was missing!!!!! This was the only badge I had as the other one was missing when I bought it back in 16 from the people my Dad sold it to in 01. They said they noticed it missing about 5 yrs prior and could never find one. Anyways there was a big pile of dirt and stone in the driveway from where we pushed the dirt to make room for the fresh stone. Since it was 60 in wny the last few days I thought was about time to sift through the dirt and hopefully find it. Only other thing was someone came into driveway last year and stole it which would've been unlikely but who knows. Well about 30.mins into the pile grabbing the dirt and stone a handful at I time I grab this metal thing I thought was the end of a spoon. It was the SA emblem!!!!!!!! I always thought it was plastic and best case scenario it would be snapped in half. Was shocked to find it was metal. Good job GM!!!!! Seeing as today was my birthday I guess it was icing on the cake! Now to figure out how to make a copy. Any ideas? Derek
  6. Any pictures of the interior? Do you have the original wheels or the badges for the car? D
  7. Few pics. First one is when we saw it in OH. Next one is interior back in and a shot of the underneath. D
  8. Sigh, Where to begin lol. I can finally say this GS will finally get the restoration it deserves! The car is an original GS. Here is the real story starting back in 1997. My Dad had many 63-65 rivs in the 80s and 90s. As he got closer to retirement he wanted one really nice riv to have at the end if you will. Found one in Ravenna OH and him, myself and a buddy drove down to see from WNY. Got there and looked at the riv and he liked it and made the deal. Come to find out they ALSO had a 1 owner, 65 red/black GS but they weren't selling as it was the now deceased husbands car and they were going to redo it. Car needed a totally resto and sittng many many years.Long story short I convinced my Dad to buy it and then had to convince them to sell it. Long story short deal was made(2500!) The cleaner riv got new paint and tiding up for a driver. The GS went to a local guy we new for a Rotisserie resto. To make this long story a little shorter the guy was a complete hack that actually had his house foreclosed during the process. Had the car a total of 11 or 12 yrs. Finally my Dad just picked the car up as it was at about 90%. Pretty sure he sabatoged the car subtly behind pick up( steering wheel fell off in driveway, both carbs were tuned wide open, etc) Anyways my Dad was so angry he just parked it in the driveway and left it. (Actually sued and got a judgement but guy really Doesnt have anything) I was only about 35 then but was starting to make decent money and had the idea that I would have someone he didn't know buy it and then I would restore it the right way. Well along comes the guy that wound up buying it(the guy with the CL ad) and ruined my plans!!! A few yrs later my Dad actually died suddenly without a riv(did have a new GS vet but always missed his rivs). Over the last few years I started bugging the guy who had the riv to sell it to me so I could restore it right. He drove it regularly but always parked it outside. Off road in winter but just in driveway. Well last yr he told me he was selling and wanted 20k. I was going to offer him 8 or 9. He put on CL and went no where lowering every couple of months. When he was down to 13 we talked again and told me he would take 11 and I told him he had to be under 10. Couple months later he told me 9 and I went to look and almost pulled the trigger and offer him 8. Told wifey and she flipped out when I told her I wanted to put another 30-50 into it to make it perfect for Dad. I have his Vette and bought back his Riv SA#25 a few yrs back too. ( neat story if you google it) So she was mad I was going to buy another car he had that I won't drive. I tell him I pass and I just can't buy it and wish him well. Month or so passes and he tells me he had a Guy out west trying to send a check to buy it and details sounded VERY sketchy. Car was down to 7500 now which didn't make sense as it is a real GS and everything matched except the block( more to that story....) and just had a frame off albeit a not so good one a few yrs prior. He then started to tell me he would really like me buy it because he knows I would make it right. I'm on the phone talking to wifey and he texts me I can have it for what he gave my Dad for it. 6k!!!!! I told her I have to do it and she reluctantly agreed!!!!!! Seemed like the car was meant for me to have it back all along! Anyways will be picking up weds or Thursday and bringing home. He has all the original badges and extra parts to make complete plus a bunch more my Dad had. Interior is back in the car and near perfect. Car is still very solid but def needs to be done right. My Dad had the engine rebuilt by some renown buick guy . All I remember is his shop was at the top of a very tall hill and way east of buffalo. Want to say Albany area. What we don't know is what engine was in car when my Dad bought it. Was it blown back in the day and someone put a 66 block in there? Did the scumbag restorer switch it or blow it up? There Was rumors he was driving it. Everything else matches as should and has been checked out in the past by a couple knowledgeable ROA members in the WNY area. I think it just had a 66 block in it for whatever reason when my Dad bought it. Anyways after this incredibly long story which I hope goes through, I will have many many questions and know I'm at the best place to have them answered!!!!! Have a good one and God bless!
  9. Bumping this up as I moved the car from the driveway ti the back garage and noticed the driver side one is now missing!!!!!!!!! I moved the car as we were widening the driveway so not sure if it is were the car was and under a pile or dirt and gravel or someone came in the driveway and took it. Wouldnt think the 2nd scenario as I live in the country and the driveway is 80-90' long. Either way the arrow is now naked!!!! Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Derek
  10. What is my prize? Rivmans 65 would be a nice present!!!!! Looked at 2 of my Dads last 65s he sold a few yrs back in the last month or so. One he sold in 03 and took a while to track down and is rough but still solid and his GS he had restored that turned out horribly and even a lawsuit and judgement. That one is actually for sale on CL right now but timing is horrible and which he held back a month more before listing but may try to make a deal if he hasn't sold it yet. D