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  1. 1937hd45, That is a fantastic question. I have been curious about that myself as this car is a 4 passenger surrey, rather than the 5 passenger touring car it was advertised as being at the recent auctions. I will look into this and post an update! I also recently discovered a link to a sale bill for the car in 2003 at Bonhams. Does anybody know when Bob Sahl or his family sold the car and if it was at auction? In other words, was the Bonhams auction sale in 2003 or the RM auction sale in 2004 from Bob's ownership? The Bonhams web site does not list a sale for the car so I am also unsure if the car did sell at this auction. Bonhams 1793 : 1909 Washington A-1 Touring Car; Another interesting note that I had not seen before from the Bonhams auction catalogue: "...the Washington was assembled by students of the Automobile College of Washington, D.C., in exchange for their tuition." Regards, Casey
  2. A couple weeks back on my spring break at the college, I was able to go photograph the Washington and look it over. Here are some preliminary shots from that day. I continue to gather information on both the Washington and Carter Motor Car company. I still have many questions and am always looking for more information or research tips! Regarding the Washington D.C. fire department's use of the Washington: It appears they had one Carter and two Washington's. The Twin Engine Carter was the first motor vehicle the fire department purchased. One of the Washingtons was a roadster which I have recently tracked down a photo of on Ebay. Best regards, Casey Maxon
  3. AGEEZER, This original Knox sale brochure would be very helpful. However it is a little on the pricey side! 1909 Holsman Car Picture for FRAMING 4 3 4" x 6" | eBay Regards, Casey
  4. Update: Upon another google search --- one of hundreds at this point I had the great fortune of coming across this photo: It appears the D.C. Fire Department put a Washington into service in 1910 for its fire chief, Frank J. Wagner. It was also a 5 - passenger Touring Car as is the remaining Washington. As of now that is about all I found out about this F.D. Washington. Best Regards, Casey
  5. AGEEZER - First consult Henry Austin Clark, Jr.'s seminal text, Standard Catalog of American Cars: 1805 - 1942. It has a decent bit of information on the Knox as well as quite a few pictures and break downs for the different model years. Also, check out this video by the Historic Vehicle Association on a Knox out in Central California: For more information check out Google books on the internet. They have scanned in, a couple of periodicals from the early years of automobiles that very well could have references to Knox. Even further research may be conducted over on the Crittenden Library at The Crittenden Automotive Library @ CarsAndRacingStuff.com. This gentleman has scanned in quite a few early automotive resources. The Horsless Carriage Gazette has an online index to their magazine that can be extremely helpful for finding old articles written on the Knox. These are just a few to get you started! Let me know if you are still after more sources and info. I am currently doing research on a 1909 car and come across quite a bit of good sources for these early cars! Best, Casey
  6. Steve, I gave Dragone a call on Friday and left a message. If I don't hear back I will try again this week. Thanks for the heads up! Casey
  7. TG, Good recommendation! I will have to check that out too as it would provide a very different avenue for photos that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise! Casey
  8. motoringicons, Thank you for the information! Hearing from someone who has driven the car is very neat! Do you happen to have any photos of the car from those tours? There were a couple in the Horseless Carriage Club Gazzette but I would love to see others. Regards, Casey
  9. Hi all! I am looking for any and all information relating to the Washington car built by the Carter Motor Car Co. in Hyattsville, MD from 1909 - 1912. As far as I am aware, there is only one left in existence, a 1909 Model A1 30hp Touring car. It is this car I am focusing my senior thesis on. I am a senior Historic Automotive Restoration Technology major at McPherson College. Below is an outline of what I have uncovered and what I would still like to find more information on: 1. I plan on establishing the history of the Washington car. I have tracked down the book written about Maryland automobile manufactures and a few articles that appeared in the journals and periodicals of the period. Does anybody out there have further information regarding the make? I read through the other thread on this forum but would like to rehash the question to see what else might be lurking in the shadows. http://forums.aaca.org/f169/washington-car-173618.html Does anybody have any period photographs? I have been checking ebay and shorpy but haven't came up with much. How many Washington's were built? Who were their customers? Any accounts of the Washington factory? What is the exact location of the factory and is the building still there? 2. I am tracking down events Washington cars competed in. I have found evidence of 3 Washington's competing in the 1909 Frank A. Munsey Reliability Run as well as in the 1910 running of this event. Again, period photos are huge as well as records of the cars that were involved, accounts, etc. I am attempting to connect the remaining Washington to this event. Additionally, in 1913 a Women's suffrage motorcade left Hyattsville, MD, the Washington's home. I would be very interested to discover if a Washington was involved in this event. 3. Establish a record of ownership. Most of the following information was found in RM's Catalogue from the cars sale in 2012 and 2004. The Model A1 that I am focusing on was purchased in 1936 by Francis George DuPont and owned until 1980 by the DuPont family. George's father was the creator of the DuPont motor cars. The Washington was first? restored in the 1950s by George. Who owned the car from 1909 to 1936? Are there any records of DuPont with the Washington? Are there any photos from this period? Are there any records of the restoration? It seems the car was then purchased by Robert Sahl in 1980 who toured with the car until having it restored in the early 1990s by, I believe, Dragone restorations. There are accounts of the car under Sahl's ownership in the Horseless Carriage Club's magazine but they are mostly captions to photos. If someone knows of an article that appeared on the car I would love to see it! The index on their web site only seemed to point to the captions that I found and a couple of photos. Any records of the car under Sahl's ownership? Any photos from touring events Sahl entered? Any photos from shows the Washington attended? It was at Connecticut’s Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in 1997. Does anybody have photos from this event? The Washington was offered at the 2004 Amelia Island RM auction. I am unsure if the owner who sold it here was Sahl or someone else. http://www.rmauctions.com/lots/lot.cfm?lot_id=16520 In 2004 it was purchased by John O'Quinn and made its way into Bill Ruger's collection sometime after that. In 2012 it was sold at the St. John's RM auction to its current owner. 1909 Washington 30HP Five-Passenger Touring | St. John's 2012 | RM AUCTIONS Any help filling in the gaps would be fantastic! 4. Any other relevant photos, documents, or information! Best Regards, Casey Maxon
  10. Hey guys, Check out this neat video on a cool old Duesenberg! I am working for the Historic Vehicle Association as an intern this summer and thought you all might find this interesting! They filmed it down at Amelia last spring. Thanks, Casey
  11. Chris happens to be one of my professors at McPherson College, and although I haven't yet had a chance to ride in his speedster, I have drooled over it many a times! Here is a picture I snapped of one its many mismatched tires from the McPherson College Cars Club Car Show this past May!
  12. Here are a couple Speedsters the Historic Vehicle Association spotted while on the 2012 Great Race!
  13. Paul, With 11 starts and 10 finishes you would be well aware of the slogan "To Finish is to Win!" Although we didn't finish the race in the Oldsmobile, it was great to see the race to the finish in Dearborn! What an event! Great cars and most of all great people! Casey
  14. Hey All, For my summer internship with the Historic Vehicle Association (www.historicvehicle.org) I went along on the 2012 Hemmings Motor News Great Race. The race began in Traverse City, Michigan and wound its way North and then East through Ontario, back down into the States in New York, through Pennsylvania, Ohio and concluded in Dearborn, MI at the Henry Ford Museum! We began the race in a 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 that was aptly named "Miss Adventure." Living up to its name, however, we didn't make it too far into the race before its continued mechanical problems put us out of the race. We continued following along on the race regardless, photographing the event and doing video's for our This Car Matters movement. Check out these pictures I took and if you would like to see more, head on over to our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/HistoricVehicleAssociation If you would like to read about our trials and tribulations as rookie competitors in this 2300 mile journey check out our race blog at: Historic Vehicle Association Thanks everybody! Casey Maxon <O:p</O:p
  15. stephen48 - glad you enjoyed it!
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