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  1. Pete Thanks for the response. I guess what I thought was in there is just as fastener or something like that. It would be cool, but if it did not come like that in any model, I don't think I want to modify anything. Thanks again! Mike
  2. I was looking over the 1950 Buick Special that I have, just checking wiring and other areas. I have a question about the Dynaflow Crest on the back of the trunk. There seems to be two open bulb holders in there without any bulbs or wires. Was wondering if those are bulb holders and if other higher end models actually had them wired to the headlight? It would be a neat touch if that was the case, but I'm not sure if I'm seeing two bulb holders or just some sort of fastener. I have not found anything in the shop manual yet, but thought I would ask the group. Thanks for any help. Mike
  3. Hey Guys Thanks you for the comments. Not addicted to Mopar, just more knowledgeable about them. I can appreciate any make, but Buick goes back to my childhood. I did not hear about the meeting tomorrow. I'm sure I need to join the national and local clubs to hear about them. I wish I could make it tomorrow, but I have a nephew's graduation party tomorrow. Nuts!! Again, thank you all, and I know I'm going to have fun with the Buick! Mike
  4. Ben I will be joining the national and then the local Buick club. Seems that on the local Buick club list, there are several members right here in Fenton, although I have not seen a Buick on the road. There is a car show the first Friday of each month here in Fenton, and I plan to be part of that over the summer and early fall (they quit during the winter). I know Springfield fairly well. My younger son attended Drury for 2 years in the past and we have actually gone back a few times over the years. We are planning a fall trip since we have a B&B gift certificate to Elfindale Mansion. Maybe we can get a look at your "stable" of Buicks! I'd also invite you up for the first Friday show, but I know it's a long drive for one evening. Mike
  5. Scott I love that color on your 50 Buick! When I see old Buicks, I see that color, but not very often. I believe my Dad's 47 was the dark blue and his 54 was black. Seems like 55 was a point when Buick started to use more color. Maybe all auto makers did the same. Lots of 1950 makes seemed to have quite muted color. Your 50 looks great. I hope that I can learn more about my Buick mechanically. Overall, it's in good shape mechanically, but our cars are over 60 years old and things will happen. I'm excited to have her! Mike
  6. Ben I am in Fenton MO, a suburb of St Louis in the southwest part of the metro area. I see you have two 50 Buicks? That's very cool. Mike
  7. Hi All This is my "new to me" 1950 Buick. Overall in very good shape. I'm 64 and have been looking for an older car for many years. I'm kind of a Mopar guy, but when I was young, my Dad had a 1947 Buick and then a 1954 Buick and I always remember the 47. Enjoying the Buick and hope to help if I can, but I think I'll have many more questions than answers. Mike