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  1. So I have been looking all over the internet, up, down, all around, and all I have found are these "cut-pile" peices in Powder Blue which is what I previously ordered from, and I wasn't happy with it. I was just uneducated about what "cut-pile" was, apparently. I don't want to use to the word "shag" but that's the only word I can use to describe the carpet that I am looking for. It's the same style carpet that came in my other '77, so I know that is what I am looking for. It is more luxurious than "cut-pile." :confused:
  2. Where can I find some of the PowderBlue PLUSH carpet (not just some flat cut pile) that came originally in my '77? Any preferred retailers or suggestions are appreciated.
  3. You can see my '77 square, all lonely Does it count if I own 2 '77s? :cool:
  4. @RivNut I'm gonna have to pick one of us those up for my 77. Thanks for the link!
  5. Okay, I'll play too. This is how she sat when I first met her in California. I'll have to post some more recent pictures of her after she's clean.
  6. The issue is, it doesn't like to start. Olds 403 Brand new battery-alternator-starter. As a bonus factor- Alpine CD Deck 2 6x9s Fosgate Amp Alpine Amp 2 12 inch subs ^^^the same system I ran in my 85 Chevy with a 350. (also, i had a larger tractor battery in that one) no starting issues on that vehicle. I drive the car 120 miles a week. 60 miles from my home to college, wait a week, 60 miles back. Now, immediately after I arrive at my destination, it'll fire right back up and take off. If I am to wait until the next day, it will not start. Here's my personal favorite part; When I go to jump start the car, the battery doesn't seem like it has to charge any. It's not as though I have to hook up the cables and let it charge for a certain amount of time or what not, just hook 'em up, pump the gas, turn the key and it immediately fires up. Probably takes less time than it did to type that sentence. Tell me this is simple and i've overlooked something, Thanks, guys.
  7. Yes, it does. And yes it is. My DD is the 403. I have another '77 that needs work before its drive-able, it has the SBB 350. I haven't quite decided which route I want to go with it, yet.
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to know if anybody has ever done any business with AKH wheels, they have some repro center caps that I'm looking for. Just looking for feedback is all. Thanks everyone.
  9. Driving a long the other day, I made a low turn, and heard a WRETCHED noise come from my rear end. Straight, no noise, turning, noise. I'm thinking spider gear, how about y'all? And is it true that my '77 from Cali has different gears than my other '77?
  10. The car in the first pics is my DD. -It's got the 403. -Fiber optic signal indicators. -climate control -Cornering lights -no rear defog -no delay wipers (although my other Riv has this option) -neither have a gas light, indicating low fuel, just a gauge. -neither have a tripometer. -my DD had the stock spoke wheels. -the other Riv had the Road Rallys, we swapped them for the more sporty look. In 77 and 78, I've come to realize that the options were very mixed. My dad had a 77 back in the day. Fully, and I mean fully, loaded. Every option available. Including the astroroof.
  11. I don't know if this list has an end, but here are the parts I can think of right now that I need for my '77. Shipping is to 72103 if you would like to include that in your price. -Right Rear Tail-light assembly, preferably white. (No, the '78s will not work) -Warning Light Bar? It's the bar that has the warning lights and such that sits on top of the dash, not quite sure what it is called. I'll post a picture if necessary. -At least one {R} Center Cap for Road Rally wheels. If you have up to 3, I'd be interested in them, as well. The list will get longer as I decide which way I want to go with the car, thank you very much.
  12. These are of my DD. -In the first picture, the car was still in it's previous home, Riverside, California. I bought it, and shipped it to where I live, Little Rock, AR. -The second picture is of both of my Rivs, obviously. This was the day the California Riviera arrived and I just had to back it in next to my other one. -The third picture is of it's first "test" drive in AR. -The fourth picture is a couple weeks ago, just chillin' in the park. My other Riviera isn't road ready, unfortunately. Needs some body work, I bought the car this way. It had an overheating problem, the mechanic we bought it from said that he had just replaced the bottom end of the motor (it was his moms car) but it was over-heating still when I purchased the car. It seems as though he had already replaced the radiator, as well. We pulled the heads off, and we ("we" refers to my dad and I) were going to get them magna-fluxed and checked, but then life got in the way. So, as of now, it sits, motor torn apart, awaiting its destiny while I drive the heck out of my other one. Anybody know of somewhere I can pick up a RR tail-light assembly for a 77 Riv? (i have a long list of needed parts for this one) i'll get some more pictures of the project Riv soon.
  13. Thank you very much for the welcome, Ed. Yes, for the rally wheels. And thanks for the link, I've heard a lot about ROA. I'll be more than happy to join.
  14. Hey guys! My name is Austin. I've been lurking on this site for sometime, and I figure I might as well jump in. I'm 18, and own two (2) 1977 Buick Rivieras. One is my DD and is Olds 403 powered. The other is awaiting its fate and is/was powered by the SBB 350. I love my Rivs, and am always wanting to learn more about them. I'm also looking for 1-2 {R} centercaps, as well. Thanks guys.