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  1. Just giving it a bump. Still looking for these wheels.
  2. Looking for a set of Riviera T-Type Alloy Wheels for 84-85 like this nice car here; Or the Chrome Buick Rally wheels for 79-85 like this car here; Will pay top $$ for a good set of either. email, cadillacman@mcsmk8.com I am wanting to get hub caps off my car below; Buick Riviera Convertible - Matt Garrett
  3. Thnaks on the Battery.... That one is just temp and a correct style will be put in later and I will see if I can reverse those. I usually do them on the old cadillacs too as its the same deal.
  4. Thanks... I appreciate the kind words and I have to say the car is well deserving with not a lot of credit on my part other than some common age maint needed after all these years. I got the AC/Climate all working to spec too, something Larry did not really need in MI. Helps being an AC tech on cars from this era too. Yes Larry kept that car nice for a long time. It took me over 4 years to get him to sell. Glad some of you got to see it years ago in the venues it followed. I hope to bring the car up a little notch without being intrusive under my watch too.
  5. 96 3500 Silverado 4x4 Vortec 454 - NV-4500 5 speed, 4:10s, 19.5s.... 6K original miles.... Just a show tow'r.
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