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  1. My 3.0L has been stalling, especially when turning, and very hard to start. The gas regulator is spurting gas thru the vac line. Just received a new one bought thru E-bay. The unit is a little chrome canister towards front of car from alternator. Take the vac line off, with car running, and wait up to 10min. to see if fuel comes out. Would like assistance on installation, if anyone has been there and done that.
  2. Count me in for Ginger. Since he prices per piece, could I(we) start by buying an armrest. This would be a good indication of leather and fit.
  3. Sequence of events on my "90 3.0, B/G, 100k: Speedo/Odo quit years ago. Car's been sitting, just driven in neighborhood, for 4 years. Started reviving the beauties lights,brakes,etc. and trani would go into limp mode (2nd gear) until turned off/on. I read all the wonderful posts and ultimately changed fluid/filter. Noticed loose wire on top of trani, (toward back of car) while replacing inner tie rod. It had been ripped from connector. Soldered on, now speedo/odo works. Trani is better, no longer locks in limp mode, but still bangs/slams into lower gears at times. Does much better in "D" (98% trouble free), but of course gas mileage suffers. But it does not lock in second gear, maybe that function is broken (or fixed?) now. P.S.: Occasionally the speedo has fits and jumps around, but tires and settles down. I've read about the speed sensor(input or output?) on the front driver's corner 6" up from pan and will check connection to it now. I do not know what this unit does. Hope it's something I can fix without the trani dudes "having to go thru it". I would appreciate any enlightenment.
  4. Heard it was a team effort; 2 from Chrysler, 2 @ Maserati. Look on Wik.
  5. My '90 tc's rear turn signals flash, but not the front. What's up? Iterior was vandelized to steal the radio. Need center dash wood (plastic), A/C controller, clear instrument cluster cover. Let me know victorgregg@earthlink.net also need a center wheel cap & steering wheel cover. Thanks
  6. Is this a recent post? Do you still have the radio? other parts? thanks, victorgregg@earthlink.net
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