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  1. We are in upstate NY, and the temps are not too hot, but i will probbaly be using it on the nice days, and in parades when the temps. are up, so I will make sure it is a 180 deg. Plus I pull a wurlitzer band organ on a trailer behind it, so it has some strain on it. I will have the brakes looked at, it is just hard to find someone that I trus to do the work correctly....Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. the top tank is approx. 195-200
  3. Hi, I just got a 1952 packard 250 convertible - gift - excellent condition, my Dad had it restored in the early 90's. i have three questions: 1.) what temp should it run at? i feel like it is overheating, but i bought a laser temp and the hoses seem to run around 198, and the block is up to 220 degrees. Is this too hot?? 2.) The car received a senior first place and had a tag with a number on it - what exactly does this mean? 3.) Also the front right brake is very and i mean very touchy. When i take it down the block and i touch the brakes, it will lock up the front right wheel and jerk the steering wheel and screech the tire. But if i slowley ride the brakes, it will make it more mellow and easier to brake. Any ideas?? Thank you for any help.