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  1. My 51 hydramatic (single range) fluid check is inside the car (under the carpet, kind of between the dash and the seat).
  2. Thanks Charles! I appreciate the help. I hadn't checked the fuel pump because the previous owner just rebuilt it (literally a few weeks ago) but it sounds like it's worth a look. Will do.
  3. Hello, I'm new here and new to classic car hobbyism. I'm getting some good advice from friends here in Colorado! I'm just getting started with this Chieftain. I'm sure I'll have quite a few questions. The first is a fuel supply issue I'm wrestling... The car has been mostly sitting for the last 18 years or so. Odometer says 48k. the straight 8 + hydramatic appear original. I bought it from a gentleman here in Denver who helped me get it running and rolling, and I've brought it home now to start The Real Adventure. It runs and drives fairly well, at least for the first ten minutes or so.
  4. Here's my new project, 1951 Chieftain 2-door. I plan to make this my daily driver, mechanically sound and safe for my family. Cosmetically I'm planning to rehab the interior and leave the outside as-is. Brakes, motor, body are generally OK. Hydramatic shifts through the first three gears OK, though it makes a lot more interesting noises than I think it probably should. I haven't driven it fast. Carb needs a rebuild. I'm working on some vapor lock or fuel supply issue(s) at the moment. Interior is pretty thrashed.
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