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  1. HI A guy I know says he back in time haveworked at a garage servicing forklifts and that he at that time saw a forkliftwith a Hupmobile 6 cylinder engine installed. It was a TOWMOTOR forklift and outof memory he claims that the engine is similar to the 6 cylinder 212 CID enginein my Hupmobile New Century Six, year 1931. Does anybody have information whether Hupmobile at one timedelivered engines to forklift manufactures like TOWMOTOR or others? I have tried to search the internet for relevant info, but cannotfind any, you guys in the US might have other contacts to info about these oldAmerican manufactures than I have from this remote location in Europe. <o:p></o Right now I am struggling with a cracked cylinder cover which need aweld repair. These days it’s not easy to find a shop capable of welding veterantype cast iron with unknown specifications! If anyone out there have any experience on welding Hupmobile cast-irons I would be pleased to receive all the information I can get, thanks. <o:p></o Brgds JBJ Denmark