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  1. Nathan, Please post photos when she come out of the shop. John
  2. All, Thank you for the advice and suggestions. Considering that this is my first restoration project in 30 years, I had no clue about por-15. Sounds like the way to go. I look forward to future assistance through this process. John
  3. All, I have reached the point where I am ready to remove the frame from the body of my Champion. This is a complete off the frame restoration and I am trying to keep it as original as possible(Within reason). My question is what do I do with it? I have 2 options that I am debating over: Have the frame sandblasted and painted or have it sandblasted and powder coated? Any suggestion or guidance will be greatly appreciated. John
  4. Well with the wealth of knowledge on this site, I am sure someone can tell you
  5. Thank you Stuben, Heck of a find. That will come in handy to someone down the road. John
  6. Thank you Sir. Then my assumptions were correct. I appreciate the help
  7. Hello all, I am hoping that the bank of knowledge here can give me some insight. I have found a 1949 Studebaker Pickup and I am considering buying as a run-around truck. This is what I know. VIN is R10I9949, Model 2R-C2. Cab No 1 01483, Trim T-6033, Paint 2243. The owner states that the truck was a special order and came with a V8 motor. Would someone please enlighten me if this is a true statement. Thank you for your time John
  8. 50Traveler, Beautiful machine. Hope to have my '41 there eventually. Joys of tinkering with them. John
  9. Sir, Private message sent. I look forward to corresponding with you. John
  10. Sir, I would love for someone with more knowledge than I to weigh in on what the price should be for a car sight unseen. I am extremely interested and do not want to take advantage of you or be taken advantage of in any way. I already have a '41 under complete restoration, but your car is one I would hate to see slip away. John
  11. Dr Don, I am a rookie at this, but I was going to take mine apart to make sure that they still had good burlap in between each spring leaf. In my eyes the burlap is what is probably gone after all these years and will cause sqeeking if used heavily. I am so glad you asked the question as I have not gotten to that point yet and wanted to hear what the experts say. John
  12. Well the set I thought I had found are gone. I could use some help locating a set or at least the pattern for them as well as the ones for the doors. Ebay here I come. Like looking for a needle in a hay stack I appreciate everyones help with this. Respectfully John
  13. GW-3 1273, Thank you very much. That picture helps me understand how it fits very well. John
  14. interesting information just received. I requested the engineer drawings for the Champion Rear Armrest and Door rest. They are not available, but Mr. Beckman did say that the Commander and Champion used the same ones. Just thought you all would like to know. Information is power so I thought I would share. John