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  1. yes, www.restorationbattery.com
  2. yes ,,you can just show up, next time send a (sase) with your registration and check, you will receive a confirmation letter. you can call john haid at 716-674-7351 leave message he should know if your registration is in.
  3. I will take it off then, I cant take the chance, need all points I can get. lol
  4. My 1964 only comes with 1 license plate. Would there be a point deduction if I leave my concours plate in the front? or does it have to come off going to grand nationals txs?
  5. I am thinking 675, and 60 in class 36B , were I will be also.
  6. grand nationals is the show field on grass or pavement? thanks
  7. Delco 558 DC12 orginal tar top battery about 1 year old. allready to go, filled with acid and water, I will be going to 2013 grand nationals in moline ill. I will bring it with me asking $150.00 thanks tom, if interested (716-480-2989)
  8. thank you for the info,i will send him a request :confused:
  9. does anyone know the address where I can request judges sheet for the grand nationals that we just had ? I would like to get a idea on what I need to improve? maybe they added wrong?
  10. looking forward going to grand nationals in shelbyville in 2 week hope to see alot of high powered cars.
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