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  1. Check this Album : If that doesn't work send me your e mail and I'll send the pix directly. We are on Thanksgiving the next two days
  2. yes I believe it's a horn button ... I'm out of town til the 15th so I cannot take another photo til then - please bug me if I don't send a picture with jet lag I may forget thabks
  3. Again I am out of my league here but I can read the Trunk Hinges box Please make me an offer around $100 and you will pay the shipping but I do get a pretty decent deal at work on Fed Ex. I want these to get to someone that can use them while I stash the cash for my 1950 S14 Convert restoration .... I have more pictures too Thanks
  4. At least I think that these are airflow parts there is a pair and they are clear and appear to be uninstalled. I see these sorts of things on e Bay but I have no clue as to value - I'd like to get $75.00 each but I may be out of my mind... offers will be considered and buyer will pay shipping. Thanks
  5. Did you solve the issue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Skeezix

    1950 DeSoto Clutch
  7. HI have a 1950 S14 convert there don't seem to be very many out there according to intense a googling . Are they unusual? I seem to have Pacific Blue