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  1. Read this alert from SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) regarding the tariffs that may be placed on imported vehicles and parts. Also, join SEMA to receive their alerts regarding upcoming legislation that may affect you. They cover all national and local issues that affect the old car hobby. http://semasan.com/page.asp?content=aa2018FED3A&g=SEMAGA Cheers, Roger Irland V.P. Legislation
  2. My neighbor found these at a local estate sale. Any ideas what car/truck they belong to? I can find no stamped letters or numbers. I can post more pics if needed. Thanks, Roger Irland
  3. Marty, Mike Petersen, who owns a beautiful '56 Dodge, would be best to ask. Cheers, Roger
  4. I'm helping restore a '28 Victory Six sedan and the upholsterer needs to know what the door panels look like. They had a bad redo in vinyl years ago, and there's no trace of the original to go by. Anyone have pictures to share? Roger
  5. I've lusted after this car since I first read the article in Car and Driver magazine in 1966. I finally saw the car in the flesh at the ACD Museum in Auburn a number of years ago. I'm glad that some of you don't like it as it's less competition for me. I can't quite swing the rent they're asking....
  6. Looking to buy the shop manual for a 28 Dodge Victory Six. I'm helping a friend restore this car. I've checked all of the literature vendors I can think of to no avail. Is anyone selling repros of same? Cheers, Roger Phoenix
  7. I forgot to mention that I saw your car a number of years ago in Pismo Beach, CA. It had recently been restored, including reproducing the smaller than factory Imperial script on the front fenders. I believe that car is also the car that Jacqueline Kennedy used in the funeral in DC in 1963. She simply would not be seen in a Cadillac. Cheers, Roger
  8. I would agree that posting to this area would be more likely viewed by the hearse and ambulance enthusiasts. I don't own a Ghia Crown Imperial, but i have driven two of them. Years ago, I was riding in a friends' '65 Lincoln Continental on the way back to the Chicago area when we passed the '59 Crown then owned by Joe Bortz cruising up I-65. Years later, I had the great pleasure of driving that car when the next owners, Bill Lauer and Robert McAtee, moved their collection from California to Durango. CO. They have since sold the car, and I'm not sure where it went. The other limousine that
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