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  1. Oliver, If your still looking for your fuel pump I have one. It came out of an old dealer inventory. Let me know if your interested
  2. I had seen sometime back someone looking for a wiring diagram for a 33 Dodge. I came across this today and figured I would post it for anyone who could use it.
  3. Do you need one of these? I have a few of them if you need one
  4. Thanks Neil, it’s kinda hard to part with it but someone will be getting one heck of a car for not a lot of money. It’s almost worth the money just to look at it.
  5. Look under cars for sale for the info. Thx, Scott
  6. I’m selling my 30 Dodge Sedan, California car. 10,500. Much cheaper than buying a rust bucket and trying to restore it. I thought I would advertise it to my fellow AACA world and the Dodge Brothers face book page first. On the DB face book page there are 40 pictures and 2 videos listed with the car. You can look at all the info then contact me if interested. Because of robo calls I generally do not answer numbers I do not know so leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thx, Scott
  7. R u still looking for this part? I can check my inventory, I might have it.
  8. I guess in today’s world one would need to be careful of even toys that replicate a tommy gun. Years ago we were in Louisville at a car event and in came a 1934 Ford with guys riding on the running boards in pin stripped suits holding toy tommy guns. It was pretty cool, gangster all the way!
  9. Very nice pictures, should have had her holding a tommy gun!
  10. Good job Greg, you took these engine cranks to a whole new level. I’m sure they find a home thanks to your commitment to our hobby. Best Regards, Scott
  11. Greg, The hand cranks went out today priority mail. They said 2 days, I think one of the longer ones look like this example. I hope it works for you. Best Regards, Scott
  12. I'll have to look and see. All of these are heading to a new home in Palm Springs. Mr. Greg up above is going to see which one fits his car and then distribute the rest of them out to our car community.
  13. Here is my email: my33mopars@hotmail.com If anyone emails me please put a some sort of memo on it so it doesn't get thrown into spam I have no idea what models these hand cranks fit. You have to try to figure it out. I can measure the lengths etc. The 2nd and 3rd ones from the top have a longer area that must engage in the crank for turning the engine over. You can see it in the picture, all of them are about 3/4" rod stock. The short one at the bottom looks like it has some sort of wood handle on it, the one above that looks like it was also a lug wrench socket on the
  14. Yes I would like to see them get in the hands of someone who could use them.
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