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  1. Try: heroevents.eu This year's event just concluded, but none of the vintage entries survived to the finish.
  2. Shamrock Challenge, southern Ireland. It is a great event. www.irishracinggreen.ie The goal for next year is the Land's End - John O'Groats Rally (LeJog).
  3. My thanks to everyone who responded. I have located a pair of conrods in New York State and I will collect them at Christmas. They are a bit of an unknown, but hopefully they will be crack free. I am always impressed by the passion and generosity of the members of this forum. Thank you again to all who responded. Below is the last picture of the before the engine let go. We were leading our class at the time. Best regards, Mike
  4. Hi Ron. Hope you are well. Thank you for the advice. FYI, the cylinder head that you kindly sourced for me many years ago was the only part of the engine that was in good shape when we took it apart! We are hoping the conrod is the last missing piece so we can re-assemble the engine and get back on the road. Regards Mike
  5. Our experience is the same. The lower half crumbled to bits when it came off the engine. A mate kindly spent an evening gluing it back together to get a reasonable proximation of what it looked like. A local machine shop used the result to machine a new seal from a solid block of aluminum. The test fit showed it needed a little modifcation, but now it seems to seal properly. FYI, we were more careful removing the top half and it too was copied. Good luck with yours!
  6. The main number on each of the conrods is 200 002 But each rod seems to have a second number which differs eg. 11-2M, 24-0M etc Does this help?
  7. Hi All - I am hunting for a conrod for my 1928 Senior Six (2251). The engine is mid re-build and we discovered that one of the rods has a crack in it. Any leads would be appreciated. The photo shows the measurements of the current conrod. Thank you. Regards Mike
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