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  1. The package tray that is on my 63 riv that I purchased a year and a half ago is shown in the photo. It is obviously vinyl. It actually has a thin metal frame in some spots. It may be original but I think I remember my fathers 63 from when I was a kid had more of a cardboard type with a painted type surface. I wonder if there were 2 versions of package trays in 1963?
  2. Rob, I don't know anything about the transmission lines but it's great to see your moving forward with that great restore you are doing. Hat's off to you my friend.
  3. Hello Silverarrow: Your car is a beauty!!
  4. Jason, If I had kids I would ask you to come to their school and do a power point presentation. Nice work!
  5. I'm 57 and have a 1963 riv less than one year. My dad had the same model, same color when I was 16.
  6. Nice looking car Timothy P. Hope you enjoy it! How does it run? What kind of shape is it in?
  7. Please let me know where to get a copy or subscription of the Bugle. Thank you,
  8. Thought I would add mine in too. Keep the thread going. Good thread for photos!
  9. More Eye Candy Please! Anybody done anymore restoring to their cars they can post photos of? Photos of interiors would be nice also. Thanks
  10. Jim suggested to me to cut out the valve inside so you know it stays open. In my case I had that done by dropping the exhaust pipe that connects to the manifold cutting out the valve, removing the weight and having the holes welded over.
  11. Ed, Could you give me just a little more detail..Just kidding!!!! Thanks that sounds great. Makes good sence. I will work on that maybe next weekend. Cheers
  12. Would you fine people be kind enought to give some tips on cleaning the engine copartment of my 63 riv? I don't really want to take it apart at this point but would like to make it look better. Any tips on using something like Gunk etc., what to look out for and any products to use to shine it up abit. Here a photo of it (notice the pair of pliers holding the air door open by the firewall. Thanks
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