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  1. I sold my 63. $4500.00. Only a little sad. It was running really good but the guy that bought it said the water pump blew when he was 10 miles down the road and had to tow it the rest of the way on his 60 mile journey. That really hurt my heart. He said it comes with the territory. Great guy and I wish him the best. Steele
  2. As there have been some changes in my priorities I am getting ready to sell my 1963 Riviera. I purchased it as a rust bucket and fixed it up a bit. I have really enjoyed it as it is the exact car my father had when I was a kid (White with Blue interior). It brought back a lot of memories. I want to thank everyone on the forum for all the help. Being a member of the Rivowners association is enjoyable as well. I think I will put it on Craigs List, not to sure about Ebay. The car runs and drives well. If anyone has advice on how much to sell if for I would appreciate your input. Thanks as always.
  3. The package tray that is on my 63 riv that I purchased a year and a half ago is shown in the photo. It is obviously vinyl. It actually has a thin metal frame in some spots. It may be original but I think I remember my fathers 63 from when I was a kid had more of a cardboard type with a painted type surface. I wonder if there were 2 versions of package trays in 1963?
  4. Well, just a play on words I guess. As my Riviera was starting to hesitate when you tried to punch it I assumed the accelorator jets were getting clogged so I whipped out a G-string from a set of Fender rock and roll guitar strings and proceeded to jam it up the two acclerator jets with a very small pair of hemostats. Seems to have worked well as it now takes off like a scalded dog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  5. I thought your original post showed a Blue seat. What da?
  6. I have noticed that a lot of first gen Rivieras have a chip broken on the console where it meets the dashboard. I guess this is from center console removal. Apparently there are a couple screws that must be hard to get to or people don't know about them.
  7. Tim, How are the seats coming along? Are they installed yet? Any new photos? Thanks.
  8. Looks great. I did my own as well, same color and bought the covers from Clarks Corvair. It looks like you are doing a perfect job.
  9. The back story: We all went to Forest Hill High School in West Palm Beach Florida. One of the guys ended up moving out west and is a great drummer. One guy went on to be a successful contractor and one of the guys committed suicide.
  10. The reason Rob knows how to spell Conjones is because he live in Miami, not because he is half Cuban
  11. On a sunny day in south Florida in 1974 one of my friends from high school bought my dad's 1963 Riviera. Three of my friends were planning to drive it out west to see Evel Knievel jump the snake river canyon. I have heard story's about this trip from them over the years and it must have been some kind of party. Having basically driven the tires off the car the friends would get at each others throats from time to time as expected of a group of kids with an unending supply of Coors Beer involved. I won't mention any other party favors that may have been involved. One story I heard puts them riding through Denver Colorado with the exhaust basically rusted and fallen off the car echoing through the buildings. My understanding is they were pulled over and one of the guys asked the cop to arrest him just to get away from the other guys. The cop must have figured they deserved each other. Two out of 3 of the guys made it back to south Florida. One guy ended up taking a Greyhound home. Ok, so where is this going? I purchased a 63 Riviera a little over a year ago that was exactly like my fathers for sentimental reasons. My father had passed away a few years earlier. I called the guy who bought my dads car back in 1974 and let him know I just bought one that I was fixing up. We got together and had a few laughs talked about their trip out west but I had totally forgotten about the fact they went to see Evel Knievel jump the grand canyon. Here is where it starts to get funny. As my wife and I were coming out of Home Depot this young guy that worked there yells out "hey that's a nice car, my dad drove one of those out west to see Evel Knievel jump the grand canyon in 1974". After a moment it hit me and when I turned around and said to the guy "I know your dad and he bought that car from my dad back in 1974" he had to be shocked. Small World isn't it? Ok, last part. I ran in to woman I know working at the grocery store, told her the story and son of gun if it wan't the kids mom, ex-wife of the guy that bought my dad's car to start with. The End.
  12. Thanks to everyone for helping me make the decision. I have decided to just enjoy the car and fix the rust as it happens and blend it in. I enjoyed working on it to get it where it is today and when I retire I may even attempt some real world body work (welding etc.) But for now special thanks to Bernie, not only for the automotive advice but as my financial adviser, and economic forecaster to the stars, I just saved 5 grand of discretionary money.
  13. About a year and a half ago I purchased a 63 Riviera with quite a bit of rust on it. The car runs great. I did a bunch of body work on it (bondo, fiberglass etc.) and painted it in the driveway. So as expected a lot of the rust came back after a year and a half. Please comment on which of the following I should do: 1. Spend $5000.00 for a body shop that says they will sand blast it down to bare metal, weld in new metal and do a great paint job on it. or 2. Fix the rust areas as they happen and blend in the paint. The car still looks good over all, gets a lot of complements and as one of my friends advised "just enjoy it". Please comment and thanks in advance!
  14. So I was excited about this car on ebay because I thought it would be great to see one get sold for 20 or 30K, but It looks like what you guys are saying is what is happening.
  15. I am very excited about this car on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Riviera-Base-Hardtop-2-Door-1963-buick-riviera-base-hardtop-2-door-6-6-l-/301037000186?forcerrptr=true&hash=item46173415fa&item=301037000186&pt=US_Cars_Trucks The car looks great and looks to be restored very well. The bids are up to $23K. My 63 has the same color scheme so looking at the car on Ebay gives me incentive to restore mine.
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