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  1. Tom; You wouldn't have an extra 1907/09 IHC exhaust manifold would you? Craig
  2. Try American Lefrance red Acrylic enamel by Ditzler. It is the closest I have seen to original red. Craig L.
  3. Parts Wanted; 1907 - 1909 IHC exhaust manifold, pipe & muffler; fan pulley; 1912 -1914 IHC coil; rocker arms; Running board shields and belly pan for use or for patterns. Other misc. 07 - 13 IHC parts- Craig E. Luton - 1 406 933-8128, craig@luton-family.com (Please no calls Friday evening or Saturdays) Thank you Craig
  4. Bob Chuck a piece of aluminum round stock in a lathe and turn one. The center is a spring loaded plunger. Take the one apart you have and copy it. A friend of mine has made several that way. The only thing you won’t have is the arrows and writing on the top. I don’t know how to do that unless you have a stamp made. Craig
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