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  1. You should start here. They probably will charge you for research. https://sloanlongway.org/automotive-research/ I also may have some info, but not exactly what you want. For example, is your car 8457? 8439? 5,232 Limited 2-doors and 18,625 4-doors built. I can tell you how many by interior option if you wish. I don't have any info on two-tone numbers.
  2. Roberta, Roger (7-Litre) is the impetus for the research and Terry found the ads. We're simply coming full-circle now. 🙂 I hope you're doing well.
  3. One is Renault, the other is Chenard & Walcker. Also posting the backs. Ads are far from perfect, but if you frame them or what-not, it should improve the presentation. Can take detailed pics upon request.
  4. Cool....I'm compiling production statistics for some select options.
  5. Ha! While I have your attention, do you know what the body code 860 is? I can't find it, so I'm guessing it's a long-wheelbase chassis.
  6. I'm tabulating production information for 1964 Olds big cars and am running into some issues when it comes to engine order codes. In particular, I need to know the following: L65 L74 L76 L77 L65 seems to be a 260-horse 394. But L74 is giving me issues because for the Cutlass it's a 330/260, but based on this page, it's a 394/330: http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Oldsmobile/1964 Oldsmobile/1964 Oldsmobile Salesman's Specs/image6.html I am leaning towards police engines for L76 and L77, but don't know their output other than they're likely 394s. Thank you for your help!
  7. May have been ordered by an American stationed in Germany and it was routed to Vietnam?
  8. Well, it seems there are both Windsor and NYer Highlander models, and the Windsor traditionally had the 6, the NYer the 8.
  9. Your Highlander is a NYer? Do you know if it ever was available for both models at the same time, or varied over the years?
  10. It's been my understanding that T5s were built for the German market and not just any export market.
  11. Good information is a little tough to find on this, but I thought perhaps there would be someone here more familiar with this. Seems like it was somewhat of an upgrade to the New Yorker in 1940, then became a submodel for both the Windsor and New Yorker (depending on the year) thorugh 1952? Thanks!
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