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  1. Hmm...Thanks for the info! Was Crosley affiliated with Dodge in some way? Or do you think someone just put the ram on for fun. From what Dave A says, It may be a common thing.
  2. Dave, Thanks for the response. We are located in southern central Connecticut. Thanks for the offer to come check this thing out but as for right now I'm just trying to figure out what it is and what its worth. After my grand father passed, my grand mother was left with the task of getting a handle on all his possessions for probate. The properties is in her hands but she asked me (being a car guy) to help get a handle on all the cars. As stated before he was a bit of a pack rat and has several cars to say the least. Most are common and or easy to find info about. Some are not...Enter: Crosley What you said here, Im a little confused about. Are you saying that because it has a bull, or ram or whatever its called, on the hood, It is not an original? Like a replica or something? I have no doubt its old. It has a registration sticker on the windshield from 1957. (see pic) I plan to pick up a few things around it this memorial day weekend and try to get the interior. I will take a few more pics then. For no I have a couple I just took from what I can get to. Thanks for the help.
  3. So buried in the back corner of one of the barns, surrounded by a bunch of junk is a Crosley pickup looking thing. It's a bit hard to get to through all the stuff to climb over and or around (my grandfather was a pack rat) But Im trying to find out more about it. From what I understand, I can get some info from the serial/vin number from the firewall. Problem is I cannot figure out how to pop the hood. I haven't actually gotten to the interior yet so maybe the pop is in there. I thought maybe like a lot of classic cars it would be near the front bumper. I also thought maybe the hood ornament had something to do with it. The horns of the bull, or whatever that is, are a little loose and wiggly but I didn't want to pull them too hard for fear of breaking them. I haven't begun to tackle the cleaning out of the barn yet, hence why I haven't gotten to the interior of the car yet. I just taking inventory of whats on hand so far. Can somebody please tell me how to open the hood as to get the # so I can figure out just what this thing is? Thanks.
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