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  1. Time for an update .. ;-) A willy's Jeep showed up in oktober and i had to do the little "green" thing first so that project is finished now so there is finally time for the Buick ........ Every time i put parts back on the car i am really satisfied to see the results ... Happy to see al the trims are nice and without dents but to fit the trims to the body is sometimes a rough job on the fresh new paint ... But we are getting somewere now. Paul
  2. Hi sixseven this is a simple proces. And it actually works for small parts. The only problem is that the layer of sinc is not so durable . When you put a wrench on the bolts head it will damage the layer of sink. I know there are companies that can plate a bucket of bolts for you in a better quality and a lot faster.
  3. Thanks Wilf. How is your 49 doing ?
  4. Thank you Keith. .... lets finish this thread next year . And hopefully we can drive the 41 in the summer.
  5. Thank you Andrew. Time flies......
  6. Hi Guy's Time for an update about the Buick It took us almost a year to get the Buick back from the paintshop ......... But it was worth waiting .... Don't let a friend doing the paint job if you are in a hurry ... But she is back now and i am really happy with the results . What way to go . So step by step i can build her up and put some chrome trim's on .. window's etc .. Paul
  7. Hi Keith The engine is indeed running nice , we finished the last issues so it can drive now , actually i drove her shortly on the road and on a trailer sitting on a pallet and a sparewheel .... and ik must say , everything feels good, brakes clutch , gearbox , engine . very smooth .......... So . We brought her to the body / paintshop now... and now we wait .......... Great that your wive starts to like the old Buick... With two on board is more fun than alone .. (Lucky me .. my wive likes to help me with several restoration things) But off course that wil probably ends when the Buick is finished and she takes the Buick out for a drive by herselve with friends ............ leaving me home alone .. LOL By the way , i found the right moulding clips for the rockermouldings at restorationpartsspecialties ... he had some ...so that proble is solved too. Paul
  8. Wilfred, Did you overhauled the carburettor ? please do. ignition idem. New spark plugs , coil, cables . filter so everything is brand new and ready to go ... you allready started to "renew" the car . So than you know everything is fresh .. I have also a 49 engine in my 41 Buick .. a few turns of the accelerator pump and it fires right up. good luck Paul
  9. Dry weather overhere last weekend so time to clean the workshop. The Buick had to move out of the Garage ....... and time to make a picture ..
  10. Put the fenders on the body ...... what a job is that ... after nearly 3 years it started to look like a Buick again . I still i am amazed about the construction with the One bolted radiator plate were the whole front unit is mounted on ..... after filling the gap between the radiator moulding and frame with nearly 2 cm i got the front fenders in line . I wanted to fitt al the body work before painting so we know what " the problem parts" are . Most of the work is getting the doors in line and the rear fenders ..
  11. A few weeks ago A friend of mine gave me a visit with his Buick 1941 ......... great car . Actually the first time i had a chance to drive a 1941 Buick .
  12. I placed a video on Youtube with the engine running . https://youtu.be/T-6x8XG880o
  13. Here are some pictures of the progress of the Buick , We had to repair a big dent in the gastank , So we made an opening puled out the dent and welded the tank again . The engine did had its first run ......... And yes we were happy . no big problems just a leak at the radiator and thermosstat housing ..
  14. Now there is an Update finally ... took me nearly 8 months to get back working on the 41 . but we are back........ and yes. it is going very well with the Buck .. The new engine run's the car is nearly ready for its paint job ..... But it seems that someting changed at the forum, how do i upload some pictures now ? ill have to find out.. hope it won't take another year .
  15. Bob's , Cars or Ebay just bought two filters for my 41 and 54 Buick . does the car start hard when it is cold or Hot ? Might be a problem with the fuel pump ... When there is a spark usually a Buick will start .. take care !
  16. wow man , what a beauty ........ we don't have such barns overhere ........... good luck with restoring ! Paul
  17. Thank's Dale , It was a pleasure to know you . take care .. regards from Holland! Paul Buicks ain't cars there art ..........
  18. ok after some "home" work its finally done , first testdrive tonight with the 54 Roadmaster now further again with the 41 ............ Paul
  19. Hi Ed , I found a company over here ( Holland) that still produces the Type A fluid , when they sell it here they should sell it in the US too .. Paul
  20. Have much fun with that beautiful car ,
  21. Hi , we had a great weekend with a nice Sunny sunday so we got the body back from the painter ... and we gave it a go ....... . We had a satisfied feeling yesterday after 1.5 year ... to finisch the job . freshley new body mount rubbers . And this is my new purchase .......... found a very nice 1954 Roadmaster very solid and Original ...... so in the mean time i can work on both cars ----- ( i need more time..) Paul
  22. Thank you john that its true..... ...... But good news , i can bring the body tonight to the paintshop so they can spray the firewall in the right color before mounting the body on the frame. I first thought to paint it black but it is much more nicer to paint it in the color of the car. it takes me some more time but i think its worth it. Paul
  23. Just wanted to share a problem that i had with the main brake cilinder, After filling brake fluid it starts leaking at the nut at the back of the cilinder . So after some fighting with the brake fluid on my new chassis .. .. I removed the cilinder and found wat was causing the leak ...... (bad reproduction parts ..... ) unfinished surface were the copper ring fits . So after some grinding and polishing the part was finally leaktight . The brakes now work fine . I filled the engine , the gearbox and rear axle and steeringbox with oil so were ready to go...... I made some pictures earlier i forgot to post about installing new seals in the rear levershocks , I found the Thread of a guy who placed new rings in it on this forum, So i tried to do that myselve and with a good result , I used Viton rings two large and one small ring . Oil stays in the shock now .
  24. hi , I am still here but very busy with my company. There is a lot of work to be done overhere so i have not so much time for my Buick , but for sure it is impossible to do nothing with this project . Actually i am ready to start the engine and to mount the body now on the chassis ...... IN the mean time i had to complete the engine parts , for example the 1949 engine has a different pushrod cover as the 41, and i wanted to mount the oil filter on the same place as on the 41 models , so i had to create a filter mount myselve. i installed new oil and vacuum tubings , placed the carburettor and air filter. and it starts looking something now . Today the exhaust shop called that the two front pipes were ready and installed . There is a shop overhere in Utrecht that does only make exhaust pipes for classic cars . And looking to the exhaust pipe of a Buick you know it is not easy to bend , it looks more like a piece of spagetti . So i could pick up the chassis on a trailer, I am now waiting for the road inspection department RDW that they call back for an inspection of the Chassis number ..... .... It is well know that US cars had a vinnumber on a plate somewere at the front door pillar The point is that when they know there is also a number in the chassis, you have to show them that number corresponding to the title and bill of sale before you can get a licence plate . And the 41 Buick does have that number printed on the radiator mount /plate . I never noticed that number but i met a guy who restored also a 41 Buick and at the inspection they wanted to see that number and het couldt go home and disamble the front parts of his newly restored Buick (he was not happy) . So to prevent such a drama. I let it inspect and than the frame will be labeled . Than i can go on with the restoration and build the front together and start the Engine for the first time . (finally ) vin number on the radiator mount :confused:
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