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  1. I had a 73.5 Sonett. Unless you are trying for a "dead on" accurate restoration, anything which fits will work. The wiper motors are a nightmare!!! For a nation with snow I can't believe I had as much trouble as I did. Water would go down the sleeve of the cable which drives the wipers. It would then freeze and crack the motor rotor. Of course it happens in the dead of winter and the nose has to come off to work on it. At least the one I'm working on has a tip nose. My email is estammel@stny.rr.com if you want to try to get together. I'[m about an hour from Catskill.
  2. Here is #305 I have begun the chassis cleanup. I have decided to use, after discussions with a professional autobody expert, to use; as much as possible, adhesives. So far so good. I think it is much safer.
  3. I figured it out ... you have to attach them.
  4. I just acquired Sonett #305. One of 70 made in 67. It will be a total rebuild. I may need help from folks out there since I picked it up in boxes! The dash is rebuilt and the body cleanup has begun. My son has the engine/tranny at North American Motorsport. This will take some time. I do not plan to do an accurate restoration. I will make do with what I can find at NAPA and JCWhitney Ed
  5. Somebody help me upload images Catskill
  6. I just picked up a 67 V4. or ftp://admin%40ewstammel.net@ftp.ewstammel.net/images/sonett/sonett v4 front.jpg I'm not quite sure how to upload images. Catskill
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