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  1. I think after considering the above suggestions. I'll go DPC. Thanks
  2. I know the upholstery is not original, so that is minus 10 points for sure.
  3. Some little items are adding up, and the headliner. although correct ithas flaws when I installed it.
  4. Its not real off it copied the original cloth and vinal pattern, but it is different. Thanks
  5. Thanks like I said the upholstery will kill me
  6. For a 1950 Ford six cylinder 226 flathead, what is the correct oil pressure? These engines are not too available; does anybody out there sell water pumps, and rebuild stuff for these engines? Thanks.
  7. Thanks one and all for the help. I wish there was an experienced judge near me. I am in south Texas with no AACA chapters close to me. Looking at my car I came up with the following information: The car is a 61 Studebaker Lark, which I kept as original as I could. It would go into class 27 D. I evaluated my car according to AACA guidelines and came up with a score of 336, which would be a second junior at best. (The biggest area where I lose points would be my upholstery which is tastefully done but not original. (The original material is not to be found). This car is sort of a driver and when I go to some car deals, I drive it because I do not have a trailer or big truck to pull it (If I go to the Galveston TX meet I need to drive the car which is 358 miles one way) Anyway that is where I am at. I thought the mail in form and my choice ie DPC or Judging is a final decision when I mail the form. Again thanks for listening and the help. It is appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the help, one and all. If I pick DPC or Judging I have to stay with the decision for ten years?? With the ten point spread, is it possible to be bumped out of the competition because of this spread? Thanks again.
  9. I am a long time AACA member, but my first meet will be in Galveston TX in October. I am trying to figure out how to enter my car; Judging or DPC. The last two AACA magazines has a lot of explanations of my my questions but I still have questions. For the judging, I understand the point system and deductions. I am a little confused on the policy of needing to fall with in 10 points of the highest entry (In your entered class). What happens to the entry that is 11 or more points away? I did read the judging guidelines and using the AACA forms I figured that my car would be a second junior at best. Any help in explaining the above, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I could not get a good picture because the water pump is still on the car. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. I am looking for a Ford six cylinder water pump. This is for the 1950 Ford flathead SIX cylinder 226 ci. I am looking for a good rebuilt one or an ok used one. Can anybody help me out with ideas and/or suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. It is a good car. I am looking to reduce my collection to my 61 Studebaker Lark; my first and favorite.
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