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  1. I sent you an email... Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys...I hope it finds a worthy home.
  3. I have detailed my story with the car here- http://forums.aaca.org/f145/1933-chrysler-six-328477.html I just don't have the time to do the car justice, it has been parked all this summer (in a garage) and have decided to sell it. It's killing me to do so, I love the look of this car. I am convinced it's very rare, there are very few that even exist anymore, in any condition. This one is very original, not totally, but I have detailed in the "happy" thread above what I have done. I also have an original manual and some other misc. printed materials I have acquired. Money is not the issue here, so lowballing will get you nowhere, just saying. And like I said, I really don't want to sell it, but I am a practical person and the car just isn't fitting into my life the way I had hoped. It has a title. I am asking $20,000. The car is located in the SW burbs of Chicagoland. PM me here for more info/pics. Thanks.....
  4. Any interest in a 1933 Chrysler 6 CO? I know it's not as fancy as the 8, but I have one and am selling it.
  5. The car has been a blast and a frustration so far this summer. Something you guys that have had old cars for longer than I are surely are familiar with. During a test run for its first event we had a problem. The "coincidental starter" mechanism reengaged during the outing. That means no accelerator!!! The car ran perfect (for an 80 year old car) for about 10 miles then GRRRRINNNNND when you pushed on the gas pedal (starter pedal when starting!). After letting the car sit for awhile the bits moved back where they should and I could drive it again, we limped her home. A visit to the shop cleared the issue up. They disassembled and tweaked the offending parts and all was well with the world. Next was her first car show. Only a few miles from home, ran like a champ to and from. This car gets a TON of attention. My wife and I took both our cars and parked them next to each other, 80 years of car tech. The 1933 and our 2013 Nissan GT-R. It's hard to say for sure, but the 1933 probably got more attention. The setting lent itself more to an old/classic/mod/resto/resto-mod/American car crowd for sure, but still. Whenever we drive the GT-R, no exaggeration, we have dozens of people, give thumbs up/pic/videos taken. Next up was her first parade. The town with the parade is @15 miles from home, plus the parade route, then the trip home. The clutch was NOT happy with this trip and we barely made it home. We knew the clutch was nearing the end and this showed just how close. After a cool down the clutch still works but it's on the list for sooner rather than later replacement now. We set a new top speed record of 52, it showed @47 on the speedo, but my wife in the chase vehicle called the 52mph! I found horn trumpets too!!!!!
  6. After almost a year of ownership, work at two different resto shops, a couple dollars (cough) and one lawsuit, she is home! We test drove it last week and got it up to 42 mph (if we can trust the speedo), it ran great, stops straight and steers…well it steers like a boat. The start-up procedure is sure something I am not used to. Turn the key, pull throttle cable, pull choke, push on gas pedal, pull more on throttle cable for a bit, then wait until you can press on the gas pedal without once again engaging the starter! We have had a great response to the car from almost everyone who has seen it. Even grizzled old car-guys are just amazed at how much is intact, original and the good condition it’s in. I listened to the advice here and really only did work that will make the car safe and reasonable to drive, including but not limited to: Rebuild kingpins, rebuild entire brake system, flush engine block, rebuild water pump, repair radiator neck, rebuild starter, rebuild carburetor, lube all fittings etc., rebuild gas tank and replace fuel line, electrical once over, replace exhaust from manifold back, rework heat riser valve, (another) full tune up and compression test, replace one window. I found a correct radiator cap on eBay. It’s not perfect, but the condition kinda mirrors the rest of the car if you get what I mean. I have been unable to find a correct shift knob yet, but I have one that "fits" and will just use it while I continue my search. I am "mocking up" horn trumpets for now, using old generic ones I found on eBay. I just can’t justify the cost of those beautiful ones that the other poster mentioned. Maybe at some point, when/if I do a "real" restoration I will get those. I have to put the back window in too. I decided to save a bit of cash and do that myself since its just scraping out old rubber and popping the stuff back in. In the fall I hope to get it back in the shop for a more thorough electrical replacement program. Maybe with a gauge rebuild? The speedo appears to work pretty well and I will be verifying the gas gauge as I drive it. The water temp gauge does not appear to work, but testing shows the cars’ cooling system is working very well with the work that I mentioned above. It has been a real roller coaster ride for us. From the decision to buy and keep it, to the troubles we had with the first shop. Driving this car on the road is a real trip. I consider myself a car guy for sure, but I like modern cars, Asian and German mostly. The test/demo ride at the resto shop that did most the work was scary as hell at first. The mechanic, my wife, and I were in the car and all that’s going through my head is "OMG is this thing just going to snap in half or catch on fire?" But it didn’t, they did a great job. The car doesn’t even rattle! I plan on taking her out for a drive around town this Sunday. If all goes as planned I will be offering rides too. She is already booked for a charity event near the end of April!!!
  7. I picked this up and I am trying to ID it. Looking at some images/pages on the net it may be used on 1928, 1929 or 1930. But I would like verification if possible please. It's labeled as a Stant Manufacturing patent number 1806.244. Here are some links that I am using for information. Studebaker radiator cap | Patent Room Studebaker Commander Model GJ 1929 radiator cap | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Studebaker Commander Model GJ 1929 radiator cap http://forums.aaca.org/f126/radiator-cap-1929-dictator-272567.html I have it for sale on eBay- Studebaker Stant Radiator Cap 1928 1929 | eBay
  8. Email sent vintchry, thanks! Hope we can do business....
  9. Found it, thanks.... I can see why I didn't find that with my other search terms! 32-34 PLYMOUTH/DODGE/CHRYS NEW HORNS 6 VT KLAXON, is a bit cryptic.
  10. I couldn't find the horns guy on eBay. I hate to trouble you, but you link the item please or PM his email?. Searching on eBay can be a bit wonky at times. Great news on the repro hood ornaments, maybe I will bite the bullet and order one up. Good call on the knob...ty.
  11. Score! I just got done looking through an original manual I scored for my car. 98 pages and a couple inserts of info, holy moly... An update on the "restoration" progess. Well...not so good. I can't go into detail at this point, but I will say I had to retrieve my car from the shop that was working on it. With help from here, I found a place that does repo's of the Gazelle hood ornament, for $750, ouch. I haven't looked into things any further because of the cost, so I still don't know if the hood ornament and radiator cap are one unit. I would be happy to just have a radiator cap at this point, but even that has proven to be a challenge. Still no luck on a shift knob either. I may just make one out of oak and the appropriate threaded adaptor and keep looking. I think I will be "adapting" modern air horn or bicycle bulb horn trumpets to replace my missing trumpets. Definately some minor highs and significant lows in the process so far.
  12. Agreed on the font size! But anyway I am interested in the 1933 CHRYSLER CO 644-L DIST. Any other parts for this car? Please send a PM with price/shipping cost info. Scratch the shipping info, I live two towns away!!! Thanks.
  13. Do you have the shift knob, radiator cap/mascot (gazelle?), or trumpet portions of the horns if any?
  14. Do you still have these? Chrysler repair manual 1931 - 1937 Chrysler color combinations 1932 - 1935
  15. Shift knob Horns (2) Radiator cap I understand 1934 parts may also work. I need those specific parts above, but let me know if you have anything else laying around. I may want to pick up spares/replacements. PM me here please.