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  1. How about the starter relay, located on inner fender well by the battery? Is the Chrysler logo above the V on the trunk lid in decent shape? Maybe a few of the wheel bolts, both left and right threaded.
  2. I can't help you on the testing of your system but I can tell you the relays show up on ebay from time to time. I recently bought a spare one for my 54 on ebay for $200.00. I have seen them go for as high as 400.00. I have also seen a few folks that used a Ford style relay / solenoid in its place. Good luck.
  3. The probe and tube leading to the gauge are all 1 unit.
  4. My 54 has the 331 with a 2bl, not sure if this applies to the 4 bl version. On the 2 bl carb version there is hot water circulating through the carb base to prevent icing in cold weather. I do not know if that is necessary with todays fuel plus the car is not driven in the winter months. That hot water sitting in the base and hoses on shutdown can quickly evaporate some of the fuel in the carb bowl which contributes to the hot start issues. With that, I have disconnected / rerouted that hot water so it does not flow through the carb base, I then installed pipe plugs in the carb base to replace the nipples sticking out of the carb base. Also, an electric assist pump, controlled by a toggle switch, could be added in the line to get past a vapor lock issue. And yes, the vent system on most older vehicles just vents to the air. This holds true into the late 60's / early 70's when air pollution equipment took hold of the automobile industry. My 68 ElCamino vents to the atmosphere at the filler cap. If I fill the tank to full it actually will spill fuel out the vented cap on right turns or if the fuel expands due to summer heat.
  5. On my 54 New Yorker, the fuel supply comes off the passenger side of the tank and is a flare or compression fitting. The line crosses over to the drivers side and follows the frame rail to the front cross member where it crosses back to the passenger side to the fuel pump. The vent line is a small (abt 1/8") line that follows the rear drivers side frame rail and ends high up on the frame over the rear axle.
  6. Yes, that is a possibility with 2 concerns; 1. excessive heat build-up may occur 2. integrity of the wheel, will it separate further causing separation of the 2 pieces
  7. Just had my first experience of a slow leak that was coming from the welded portion of the rim (where the center section is welded to the outer rim). Could be due to running radials on the old rims. Went for 5 years and 11,000 miles before this occurred. Had an extra wheel but now I need another spare one. Anyone have one for sale?
  8. My brakes feel the same way, I think we are just so used to todays systems that the 54's seem inadequate.
  9. I had changed my air filter set up because when the carb was bad I had to constantly take off the air cleaner to shoot some ether in, got tired of playing around. I did not destroy my original center section. I found just the center on e-bay and used that one to experiment. Opened up the housing with a cut off wheel and pulled all the mesh out, figured out the dimension and it ends up that a briggs and stratton riding mower filter fit perfectly, cut a round piece of plexi-glass to cover the top of the filter, put the top on tightened down the wingnut, perfectly sealed, easy breathing and no mess, looks totally stock. Can revert to the original set up any time I would want to.
  10. I have a 54 with the 331, 2 bl., single exhaust not the 4 bl dual exhaust model. We were getting about 8 mpg. had some work done on the carb and am now getting about 10, sometimes 11 or 12. Does not really make a difference if it is all around town or x-way cruising. Now starts easy when cold, once to the floor and turn the key. When it is warm it still takes a bit of cranking. I disconnected the hot water flow thru the carb base as it was causing issues on shut down when the car was hot (evaporating the junk fuel out of the carb). Only the 2 bl's had this and Chrysler said it was to prevent carb icing when temps were below about 45. I have driven it when it was 30 degrees and had no problem (probably due to the alcohol in todays fuel).I beleive the biggest issue with the mileage is todays fuel and the 2 speed trans. I have new plugs, wires, cap and rotor and petronix electronic instead of the points. Still keeping the 6 volt system also. Also modified the oil bath with a paper filter element, still looks like the oil bath from the outside but it is paper inside.
  11. Yes, mine is a Chrysler New Yorker. I already have all the manuals and many extra parts. The car is very complete, only doing minor things here and there to keep it up. We have put 5,000 miles on it in 3 years, last show of the year was yesterday, she is being put away for the winter. Thanks for your offer.
  12. Bought the wire looms for my 54 from Rhode Island wire, great quality, they fit correrctly, and are duplicates of factory color codes.
  13. I had all the looms for my 54 New Yorker made by Rhode Island Wire, they looked great, all fit like a glove and their diagrams and color coding were perfect.