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  1. judging batteries, tar top replica battery or late model battery with tar topper. I'm not crazy about the near $300 dollar battery that won't last 3 years. been thru 3 in ten years. is there major point deductions for using the latter?
  2. Matt, didn't know you had newer cars. good luck
  3. Matt, do yourself a favor. hang the dead plate on your wall and get a YOM plate. If yours cars are old enough, up grade them antique, then you won't have worry about inspections.
  4. Don't understand why it came back a dead plate if it was transfered to you. I would call Pendot to find out, maybe somebody dropped the ball ( it is Harrisburg). By the way I ran into the guy who set the price for YOM plates at Gettysburg spring meet. Said you can thank ME for getting the bill passed. Told him great the bill passed but little steep on the price considering how much we already put out for title & tags!. I then remembered that it's PA. just going deeper into our pockets!
  5. Hey Matt, thanks for reply. I was refering to the after market mats that absorb & neutralize acid. I just dont trust any battery from leaking other than a gel cell type. THANKS
  6. Will your car have point deductions for having a battery mat? I would like to save my tray as long as possible.
  7. i just sent my YOM stuff in on the nov. 26. i also want change my 72 chevelle ss from classic to antique, AND HERES THE BIG BUT, to go to YOM, first make it antique, then YOM. the way i readb it is 75.00 to antique then anoyher 75.00 to YOM, total 150.00 but pendot says there is still anoyher 22.50 charge for transfer. so i will send them 97.50 just to get my A tag, just to get my moneys worth. then in another month or so, i will send for the YOM plate. STUPID HUH? i`ll keep you posted. (im taking the chevy to antique status just to stop the inspections-maybe 200 miles a year, i know i need to drive more)
  8. i just checked pendot website & nothing showing yet.
  9. I have been an inspection mechanic for 35 years and pendot usually sends bulletins thru our emission machines, in fact, the state was just here doing an audit and he doesnt even know about the whole plate issue. i guess i can wait.
  10. I want to thank all who replied about the PA YOM plates. its a great idea, but after all is said & done, what about state saftey inspections. antique requires no insp. all others like classic & streetrod & others require once a year state insp. will YOM need once a year insp. stickers?
  11. just wondering about if pennsy hb1203 is finalized. i havent anything . even the local title place cant give an answer. if its a done deal, what do i need to do to YOM plate , do i need more paper work from harrisburg or just swap my antique plate & stick it under my seat?
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