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  1. Don...are you referring to the actual grounding strap from the fuel tank to the frame? I've already scraped/cleaned it and re-attached it...how on earth do I get to the sending unit ground wire without dropping the tank? I'll cut a hole in my trunk flooring-seems easier than dropping the tank-it is full of gas- It is so frustrating to not have the gas guage work! where does the actual sending unit wire run to the dash guage--I took up the carpeting-drivers side--don't see anything but the flat cable wires...Thanks so much for all you guy's help! Doug

  2. can somebody tell me why the '63,etc. Riv -A/C models use a dual line fuel filter-- why does it need a return line? what if you don't put the exact filter on an A/C car-just use a single line filter...probably an obvious answer--but ...Thanks...Doug in Texas

  3. In my humble opinion...the 1963 was or should be the most desirable because it was the first one produced--and the marque has been declared a 'collectible'...and I own a '63....disregard all the production numbers of later cars-the '63 was the Lewis & Clark of the brand--it set the trail for others to follow...and the exclusitivity of the limited special order production sales made Bill Mitchell very happy -so the green light to produce the '64 & '65 models....but like someone else said--the one you own now is the best--just drive and enjoy them!

  4. Jim--I really need to correspond with you--I'm a ROA member and live near Waco,Texas. actually Mexia...am restoring/updating our '63 Riv..see my profile foto of this wonderful car--it's been in our 'family' since bought new in 1963--good story....I just have some questions from time to time about coding,specs, accessories,etc. Love your foto of the Riviera....Thanks, Doug

  5. Guys---I just took the whole transmission apart....the shafts were coated with a sticky residue along with the large cylinders inside the windings....I cleaned them off-lube with fine oil-cleaned all contacts on the switches and connectors....put it back together and pressed the seat switch on the door----WOW! Tahnks for the advice--it works all 4 ways now--I also lubed the runner channels and guide screw...saved no telling how much $$$$..this site is great....Thanks again---I am restoring -again- my wife's original Silver CLoud Riviera that her dad ordered in late December of 1962---he drove it a year and gave it to her for a gift for being Sophomore class homecoming Duchess in the fall of '63...we started dating when she was 16 and I was 17..good thing it can't talk!..been married for 45 years in June...we found the car in 1984 in a field near our town--had lost track of it when we traded it in for a '69 Pontiac my senior year of college....when found by a friend-it STILL had her dad's name on the plaque on the console with his original owners manual in the glove box--someone had painted it O.D. green and drilled holes in the doors for speakers--JUst pure luck that we found it after putting the word out that we wanted to find one like she drove in school--it took us 4 years to fully restore it...but age has caught with some of it's parts and accessories..it even has a factory tach with the 'train' horns and tilt with power everything-even vent windows...now I have to fix the gas guage-doesn't register along with a couple of other things before we start summer driving....I will need your advice! I am 65 and have had 4 heart attacks an have a pacemaker/defibrilltor in my chest--but am otherwise in good health and able to 'piddle' with it on cool days in my shop....Doug

  6. New guy here--but old in age-65! I need a '63 Riviera power seat transmission the motor is fine--but the seat will go only up & down...the forward/back-large one- tranny cable does not turn when motor engages-I can hear it 'trying' in the transmission....and I can turn the cable with pliers and see the backside of it turning in the transmission...is there a 'fix' inside or do I need a complete new unit? Thanks so much....Doug in Texas

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