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  1. please try email again...my land line is down from recent storms in central texas...Thanks
  2. Jim & Ed --I just bought the SS carb plate for my rebuilt AFB...dumb question: does the felt gasket go on first-to the intake manifold- then the SS plate goes between the gasket and the carb base???? hadn't given this much thought until reading this thread...thanks Doug Hooks
  3. you guys are such a great source of information! Thanks so much!
  4. tenugent...sent you an email a day ago...might be in your junk mail file...Bulldog65
  5. where can I find just the motor/transmission/track assembly to put my '63 Riviera seat on? the power seat switch and wiring is already installed....but someone had replaced with a manual drivers seat...Thanks...
  6. John-looking over the list of parts...do put back just 2 of the dash control knobs for me-that's all I need-the smooth faced ones...thanks..Doug /Bulldog65
  7. Thanks---found the wire from the sending unit by the license plate- a brown wire--will trace it tomorrow to the flat wires and inspect from there! Sure hope it isn't the sending unit....lol
  8. Don...are you referring to the actual grounding strap from the fuel tank to the frame? I've already scraped/cleaned it and re-attached it...how on earth do I get to the sending unit ground wire without dropping the tank? I'll cut a hole in my trunk flooring-seems easier than dropping the tank-it is full of gas- It is so frustrating to not have the gas guage work! where does the actual sending unit wire run to the dash guage--I took up the carpeting-drivers side--don't see anything but the flat cable wires...Thanks so much for all you guy's help! Doug
  9. Thanks, ED...always wondered about the dual lines...am trying to figure out how to add more info to my user name like other guys on site...and how to upload fotos to my posts...!
  10. can somebody tell me why the '63,etc. Riv -A/C models use a dual line fuel filter-- why does it need a return line? what if you don't put the exact filter on an A/C car-just use a single line filter...probably an obvious answer--but ...Thanks...Doug in Texas
  11. In my humble opinion...the 1963 was or should be the most desirable because it was the first one produced--and the marque has been declared a 'collectible'...and I own a '63....disregard all the production numbers of later cars-the '63 was the Lewis & Clark of the brand--it set the trail for others to follow...and the exclusitivity of the limited special order production sales made Bill Mitchell very happy -so the green light to produce the '64 & '65 models....but like someone else said--the one you own now is the best--just drive and enjoy them!
  12. John--do you have a good day/nite mirror...a couple of the crescent shaped control knobs for the air/heat levers...maybe a good used power brake rubber pedal cover..thanks..Doug in Texas
  13. Thanks for your kind comments--I will try to post some fotos of 'her'---just not sure how at this point-LOL! I grew up on #2 pencils and Big Chief tablets!
  14. Jim--I really need to correspond with you--I'm a ROA member and live near Waco,Texas. actually Mexia...am restoring/updating our '63 Riv..see my profile foto of this wonderful car--it's been in our 'family' since bought new in 1963--good story....I just have some questions from time to time about coding,specs, accessories,etc. Love your foto of the Riviera....Thanks, Doug
  15. thanks so much..... I found it...Doug
  16. You guys keep mentioning CARS for parts...I must have been living in a cave---what is their website address? Thanks...another Riviera nut...Baby Boomer style!
  17. Guys---I just took the whole transmission apart....the shafts were coated with a sticky residue along with the large cylinders inside the windings....I cleaned them off-lube with fine oil-cleaned all contacts on the switches and connectors....put it back together and pressed the seat switch on the door----WOW! Tahnks for the advice--it works all 4 ways now--I also lubed the runner channels and guide screw...saved no telling how much $$$$..this site is great....Thanks again---I am restoring -again- my wife's original Silver CLoud Riviera that her dad ordered in late December of 1962---he drove it a year and gave it to her for a gift for being Sophomore class homecoming Duchess in the fall of '63...we started dating when she was 16 and I was 17..good thing it can't talk!..been married for 45 years in June...we found the car in 1984 in a field near our town--had lost track of it when we traded it in for a '69 Pontiac my senior year of college....when found by a friend-it STILL had her dad's name on the plaque on the console with his original owners manual in the glove box--someone had painted it O.D. green and drilled holes in the doors for speakers--JUst pure luck that we found it after putting the word out that we wanted to find one like she drove in school--it took us 4 years to fully restore it...but age has caught with some of it's parts and accessories..it even has a factory tach with the 'train' horns and tilt with power everything-even vent windows...now I have to fix the gas guage-doesn't register along with a couple of other things before we start summer driving....I will need your advice! I am 65 and have had 4 heart attacks an have a pacemaker/defibrilltor in my chest--but am otherwise in good health and able to 'piddle' with it on cool days in my shop....Doug
  18. New guy here--but old in age-65! I need a '63 Riviera power seat transmission the motor is fine--but the seat will go only up & down...the forward/back-large one- tranny cable does not turn when motor engages-I can hear it 'trying' in the transmission....and I can turn the cable with pliers and see the backside of it turning in the transmission...is there a 'fix' inside or do I need a complete new unit? Thanks so much....Doug in Texas
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